2018 Frontier League Draft Class – Opening Day

Opening Day for the Frontier League has come and gone. Now, it is time to take a look at the 2018 Frontier League Draft Class and see where they are now that Opening Day has rolled around.

Out of the 34 players that were drafted this year,

16 players are on an active roster on Opening Day.

1 player is starting the season on the DL.

1 player never signed.

1 player was traded to an outside league

15 players were released.

The breakdown:

Pick 1: RHP John Michael Knighton (BeachBums)
Pick 3: RHP Ryan McSweeney (Grizzlies)
Pick 7: INF Jeff Cardenas (Grizzlies)
Pick 8: RHP Steven Heilenbach (Thunderbolts)
Pick 9: C Cody Clark (Traded by Otters to Slammers)
Pick 10: RHP Griffin Kreig (WildThings)
Pick 13: C Ronald Healy (Thunderbolts)
Pick 14: LHP William Corsen Carr (BeachBums)
Pick 16: RHP Corey Kimber (Slammers)
Pick 21: RHP Jameson McGrane (Freedom)
Pick 25: 3B Zach Lavy (Rascals)
Pick 28: C Trey Fulton (Slammers)
Pick 29: OF Brandon Pugh (Released by Rascals, signed by Freedom)
Pick 32: RHP Jacob Gangelhoff (Rascals)
Pick 33: RHP Max Biedrzycki (Crushers)
Pick 34: RHP Juan Perez (Crushers)

Pick 4: LHP Michael O’Neal DL (Slammers)

Never Signed:
Pick 11: RHP Andrew Rohrbach NEVER SIGNED (Crushers)

Pick 2: LHP Jacob Hill RELEASED (WildThings)
Pick 5: INF Kent Blackstone RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 6: C Brody Andrews RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 12: C Wilkyns Jiminez RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 15: C Jerry Chavarria RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 17: LHP Trent Lunsford RELEASED (Crushers)
Pick 18: OF Jean Figueroa RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 19: C Tanner Devinny RELEASED (Rascals)
Pick 20: C Dylan Hamel RELEASED (Otters)
Pick 22: RHP Josh Alberius RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 23: INF Tommy Ziegan RELEASED (Grizzlies)
Pick 24: C Russell Clark RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 26: 3B Brent Gillespie RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 30: RHP Evan Bell RELEASED (Slammers)
Pick 31: OF Cody Lovejoy RELEASED (Rascals)

Traded to outside league:
Pick 27: RHP George Capen (Traded from Miners to Sonoma Stompers in the Pacific Assocation)

Next month, Indy Ball Island will update how the active players are doing on their respective teams.


12 thoughts on “2018 Frontier League Draft Class – Opening Day”

  1. John, I heard it was only 4/34. How many from other camps are on opening day rosters? Does anyone check that out? Let’s give equal time to the camps that produce too!


    1. California Winter League is the only one that offers a list of their player signings broken down by league each season. Never heard anything about Arizona Winter League signings. South Florida hasn’t updated theirs.


  2. Kayla, you should know that we have signed Cosimo Cannella, who was released from the Boomers; are speaking with Wilkyns Jimenez from the Boomers and Justin Chigbogu from River City. I’ll try to keep you posted as we are getting ready to start our training on May 21st. Hope you are doing well.

    Bart Zeller, Bench Coach Martinez Clippers Baseball Club 847.380.6362

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  3. For 7 years the Puerto Rico Instructional Baseball League has been getting players signed and posting it on their website under news/player transactions. Being a smaller “pay to play”, 30 to 43 players per camp, they sign 60 to 85 percent of playerrs that attend to teams in japan, Europe, Korea, Australia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. The 2018 Winter camp has already signed 19 of the 38 players who attended and waiting to see how many of the remaining player get signed at the Empire League camp coming up. Just a note, 3 of the remaining 19 were young, 18 to 20 years old and they were found a college to play at this next school year. All players there are other options to chase the dream.


  4. Frontier league players who were released, there is still time to register for a shot at playing on the Empire League.


  5. Not wanting to add to your workload, Kayla, but are you considering doing an article on the Black Sox and how many players, if any, got rostered on any league? Their model for barnstorming/playing exhibition games against indy teams is interesting and I’m wondering if they have any level of success. Thanks.


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