New Player Eligibility Rules for the Frontier League

During the offseason, the Frontier League renewed their contract with the California Winter League.

This agreement between the CWL and the Frontier League has made the CWL the exclusive winter league of the Frontier.

To honor that agreement, the Frontier League has changed some of their eligibility rules for the 2018 season regarding pay to play leagues and any league that charges a fee to attend spring training.

From the official Frontier League website:

The California Winter League is the exclusive winter league of the Frontier League.

The Frontier League is proud to have extended our agreement with the California Winter League and to make the California Winter League the Exclusive Winter/Showcase League of the Frontier League.

Players who participate after May 1, 2018 in a pay-to-play league or a league that charges a fee to attend their spring training will be ineligible for the Frontier League unless the player has had contact with the Frontier League.

Contact with the Frontier League includes:
Having ever been under contract to a Frontier League team;
Having participated in a past Frontier League Tryout Camp and Draft;
Participating in the 2019 Frontier League Tryout Camp and Draft (for the 2019 Frontier League season)
Having participated in a past California Winter League season; or
Participating in the 2019 California Winter League season (for the 2019 Frontier League season)

Leagues that are covered by this provision are:
Arizona Winter League/Pro Prospect Winter Leagues, LLC
South Florida Winter League
Desert League
Pecos League
Empire League
Western League
Hudson Valley League
Thoroughbred League
Puerto Rican Instructional Baseball League
Urban League

Please note that this provision is not retroactive and only applies to players participating on one of these leagues after May 1, 2018.

7 thoughts on “New Player Eligibility Rules for the Frontier League”

  1. Does that mean that players who play in the Pecos or empire this season are still eligible to play in the frontier league ?


  2. What a CROCK!!! So…after paying the CWL a large amount of money or attending the frontier league tryout, players that do mot get selected, who want to still chase the dream can’t go to any other camp in fear of not being able to participate in the FL. The CWL and FL have some ego to think that they are the best to give players a shot. How many do they truly sign and actually play each year out of both camps. I do my research and most coaches at tje cwl and fl already have their rosters. Check between Oct 1st and Nov 15th those teams player transactions and see whose options are picked up or released. Usually they have there whole team before these events. Check!


  3. One more tidbit to mull over….
    The empire camp is after all of the tryouts and players have been released from everywhere! Right!? These players are just trying to play somewhere to showcase their talents. Why should it matter if the players are only trying to get better so maybe at the next FL tryout, they will have improved enough to get signed? Wouldn’t better players make it more entertaining to the fans? Really….it’s about $$$$. Plus some of the leagues mentioned do not even exist now and probably won’t in the future.


  4. Can someone explain to me why this is even a thing? Why does it matter what leagues you’ve played for and why should it ever disqualify you from playing in one? Especially when you’re paying to play in the first place. It seems to me you should play everywhere you can to increase your odds of getting picked up somewhere. Why peanalize players for that?


    1. Basically…. if you aren’t giving THAT league YOUR money for a tryout/spring training… they don’t want you because you gave their “competition” money instead. It’s petty. It’s ridiculous…. and unprofessional in my opinion.


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