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Sign Me! By Chris Carminucci

Former indy ball jack of all trades turned Arizona Diamondbacks scout, Chris Carminucci, has published some of his knowledge.

Sign Me! The Undrafted Baseball Player’s Guide to the Independent Leagues is perfect for any player looking to learn more about indy ball and the steps it takes to get there.


The book, which is around 100 pages, is to the point and packed full of vital information for potential players. In a way, this site’s Indy Ball 101 page is the cliff notes version of Sign Me! Carminucci goes into detail of the various leagues, which ones are better for which players, and includes tips and tricks for making yourself seen and ultimately get signed. He has a unique perspective as someone who has played and worked in indy ball and now scouts the independent leagues.

(Author’s note: Indy Ball Island did a story on the Diamondbacks and Carminucci scouting indy ball in 2014. You can check that out here: Finding a Diamond(back) in the Rough.)

Each league’s section also contains a directory of sorts for each team.  It can be very helpful for players looking to find information about a specific team and is a great starting point if the player is preparing to send out their baseball resume and videos.

Carminucci has had great success scouting the independent leagues for untapped potential. Indy ball is a grind, but this guide can help get a player through. Sign Me! is worth the read for any player who is thinking about continuing their career in independent baseball.

You can get the book HERE on Amazon.


Top 100 Baseball Blogs for 2019… Top 50?!

Two years ago, Indy Ball Island debuted at number 93 on the Top 100 Baseball Blogs.

Last year, the site moved up to number 84.

This year… Indy Ball Island has cracked the top 50, coming in at number 48!!

baseball 100 transparent_1000px.png

To all of our readers and subscribers, and to every baseball player that makes this blog so enjoyable to run… thank you.

I really hope that Indy Ball Island can be a source of information and stories from independent baseball for many more years!

You can see the whole list of the Top 100 Baseball Blogs and Websites for 2019 HERE.