New Southwest Baseball League(s)

Two new independent baseball leagues are popping up and getting some involved in indy ball talking…

And both just so happen to have basically the same name.

Here’s a quick rundown of what they’re all about…

The Southwest Professional Baseball League is located in Yuma, AZ. Players pay $750 for a training camp (March 11-13th) where they will be evaluated and then placed onto four teams that will play from March 15th to April 15th… all to “chase their dreams in the desert.”

Let me stop you there for a second. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. It’s basically a copycat of the folded Desert League. The listed owner of this Southwest Professional Baseball League, John Guy, was also a partner in the Desert League and had ties to the failed National Urban Pro Baseball League. The majority of the staff have also been around the lower independent levels for the last few years.

You can check out their official website HERE and see all of the other information for yourself. I do not have any other further insight to provide other than what is listed and available for the public, and honestly… I don’t want to get into it any further.

The other league is the Southwest League of Professional Baseball located in Texas and Missouri. This league, which was originally slated to start in 2018 but is now supposed to run in 2019, has four teams listed (Waco, Royse City, Joplin and an unnamed Dallas team). The league had previously stated that there would be six teams, but it seems a little late in the game for two more teams to be added. The four confirmed teams are all said to have stadiums, but some of the pictures under their stadium information section are just computer generated.  But don’t worry, you can buy merchandise for the teams!

There has also been no updated information on the website since a post in July that mentioned a tryout that was taking place in Plano, Texas earlier this month.

I had many players message me asking about this league, so I contacted the owner, Mark Schuster, to ask if he would do a Q & A through email as I have done in the past with every start up. At first, he seemed very eager to answer all of my questions. That was until I sent him the email with the questions. He ignored that email and the multiple follow-up emails I have sent.

You can check out their official website HERE, but there really isn’t any more information than what I have briefly posted here.

Same stuff. Different season.

There have been enough of these exact same leagues over the last few years. You all can form your own opinions, but I’m sure my readers know mine at this point…


38 thoughts on “New Southwest Baseball League(s)”

  1. Is that Southwest Professional Baseball League the same as the Border Professional Baseball League starting up that was mentioned in the fb group? It seemed the Border league site is gone, wonder if they just changed their name.

    Also, noticed the Pecos is running a secondary 4 team league in the winter, different from their spring league, from the Bakersfield stadium. Not sure if that is professional or just developmental though.


  2. No I was starting The Border League with the help of John Guy who I later found out that everything I was warned and told was pretty much true, hegot some douche bag Sean Stevens on without my consent and tnis guy tried to run things like he was it John gave him some authority and he thought he was king well i stripped him from his thron and got rid of all of John Guys clan all losers, that league has nothing to do with Border League at all Had the remove everything of all social media and internet sites will be coming out with the right people and credentials by 2020 for sure sorry for the misunderstandings


      1. Art unfortunately isn’t telling the truth which is no surprise. We tried several times to mediate with Art but his anger issues and lack of leadership ability had him cussing and belittling our staff. We had to cut ties and move forward without him. All of which, we have the ability to prove his mistreating of our staff. If your going to report a story IndyBallIsland, plz fact check and do your homework before assuming it was the SWPBL Staff or an individual employee.


      2. I didn’t publish a story about Art. He left the comment. And as stated in the blog post… I don’t want to do any further stories on this because I’m tired of the drama with every little new league that starts every single season. This exactly proves my point.

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      1. People are tired of the start up league scammers taking money from players who they can take advantage of by making them belueve that they are ” chasing their dreams”. Then they close the league aft e r they have made their money money sometimes leaving players stranded. The last 3-4 years has seen this happen alot. This also applies to the pay for plays that folded too.


  3. Well they for sure aren’t in it for the money, so they must be trying to give guys opportunities. How could someone assume otherwise? I hope these guys get it right. Support of these leagues seem to always be lacking around here.


    1. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. Most people who read this site do support new independent leagues provided they 1) have a solid, thought out business plan, 2) have a tryout and pay system that does not just allow the players that make it through the season to break even, and 3) actually can deliver on their promises of players getting seen and having a chance at further opportunities. The leagues that have popped up the last several years, with the exception of the USPBL, have had none of these and have really just preyed on young players before disappearing into the night. When a league does have these things, it is supported. When it is just taking advantage of players and towns, it does not help anyone and poisons the well for future startups and expansion franchises of existing leagues that may be actually well thought out.
      And not that she needs my defense, but if you go back through the site, you will see Kayla shows an incredible amount of support to the start up leagues and gives them the benefit of the doubt for as long as she can. But she is not there to support the leagues, she supports the players, So when she and others continuously see players taken advantage of and left in precarious situations by these startups, the common themes among them becomes easier to spot.

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    2. I am not quite sure why you’re throwing the fans under the proverbial bus. This isn’t the first league that cropped up with a website and some computer-generated ballparks that haven’t been funded let alone built. These outfits end up playing on high school fields, the checks bounce and they spend the next 90 days bellyaching about who was responsible.

      Not every ex-high school superstar should be playing pro ball and not every wannabe kingmaker should be pretending to be creating a ‘family-friendly experience for guys still chasing the dream.’

      Legitimate leagues exist and players who belong in them can get a look. Promotion of bad business just leads to more of it.


    3. The leagues would be supported if truly legit. Poeple/fans are not stupid and see a scam much easier than before due to the folding of non legit leagues the past few years by people who take advantage of the players. All money should be in the bank to pay all employees before the 1st pitch is thrown. Yes, thisi nbludes even the scorekeeper. They are only in it for the money, don’t kid yourself. Ask yourself, why due these same poeple keep popping up trying to do a league but it has never fully worked?


  4. I have not weighed in or logged in for awhile but with these new leagues, Players, PLEASE due your research and make sure they are legit before putting out any money!! I get so tired of these scammers using the line ” chase your dreams” just to take advantage of you and take your money. A truly SOLID pro league will not charge a large amount for a tryout. Do the math…$750 x 400 players =$300,000. They then take this amount and pay only what they need to get it started and pocket the rest. If they do pay you your measley $200-300 per month salary to
    “chase your dream”, you actually paid yourself from the tryout money they collected. Scouts do not come to these leagues as they know that these leagues are not legit. One fact for sure, has any league that Mr. Guy has been associated with ever gone a season as purposed? And a season only month long, come on, sounds like a pay to play to me. There are much better options for players, so do your research before putting out your HARD earned cash to these scammers. Oh, one last thought, Kayla has a good site and reputation and after many emails the person in charge won’t respond to her really makes me wonder about their intentions. Mmmmm think about that when doing YOUR research. Good luck yo all…..


  5. Thanks, JT, you’re right-check out the staff.
    Joe Morello-former Pacific Association field manager and GM of Naples, Italy baseball organization
    Demetrius Mitchell-former head coach at Alabama A&M
    Josh Velasquez-Empire League staffer
    Ivan Villaescusa-former Angels organization player and AAA Mexican League player
    Lester Douglas-former Pirates scout and head coach at a California jc
    Cesar Barraza-former pitcher in Liga Norte Mexico and AWL
    Albie Lopez-11 year MLB pitcher (5 years with Indians and 1 with AZ Diamondbacks)
    Heather Oliver-former GM of Nogales Charros (AZ-MX League)
    Thanks again for having folks check out our staff. Feel free to contact ANY of them.


  6. Oh, and Kayla…here are just a few clarifications to your blast regarding my health. I am NOT running a league, I am part of a group that is running a league and I am still able to function as a consultant. I am not the owner or have my name listed on anything with the state-I am only on their website. As to my health, I wish I was having a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately cerebellar ataxia has no recovery. A cousin of ALS, there is no treatment nor recovery from a disorder that kills your cerebellum. It robs you of your mobility, speech and vision. But as an Army veteran of ten years I receive excellent care from the Tucson VA. Not that it’s any of your business but my health is an open book. Since you are interested in a vet’s health, I am also being treated for PTSD, diabetes and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. But thanks for your thoughts and prayers. You are now treading on some pretty thin ice…


    1. As an outsider to this conversation, Mr Guy, I must point out that you are showing a distinct lack of professionalism that not only should give players pause, but should also raise doubt in the minds of the ownership collective.
      Rather than hire a consultant who throws out his entire health history as a comment response to an article he takes exception to, it seems their money would be better spent on a good PR consultant who could help them overcome the negative perception your name has attached to their foundling league.

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      1. Sorry, John but you missed some of the earlier issues. My health history was called into question by the creator of this website. I merely responded to clarify the issue. Seems that there are a lot of misconceptions going on in this thread that I have attempted to clarify but evidently it falls on deaf ears. I have NEVER owned a baseball league in my life. I am NOT the owner of this league. I have attempted to help leagues in the past but evidently you aren’t supposed to do that (I actually witnessed 2 Freedom Pro League games in my life so I guess buying a ticket for that implies that I am complicit in that league as well).
        You’re right, putting medical issues on a baseball blog lacks professionalism. I’m sorry I was put in the awkward position of having to rebut an internet blast but I’m not one to ignore slings and arrows thrust my way by out-of-touch, ignorant and unprofessional people. I was merely responding to the assertion that my medical issues are a scam.


    2. John Guy writes (below, but there’s no place to “reply” to that statement):
      “I have NEVER owned a baseball league in my life. I am NOT the owner of this league.”

      However, John Guy is listed as “President” on the staff page — see

      Maybe this “Guy” is following the lead by former President Bill Clinton when he famously responded to a grand jury question with the statement “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

      Seems like John Guy is suggesting that he is not “the” owner because that implies a single entity ownership — but is leaving-out that he is part of the ownership group.

      And where does Luke Powell, former “owner” of The Desert League come into play in the SWPBL’s organization chart? I’d bet even money he is a silent (and hidden) partner. It would be refreshing if John Guy would publicly-announce that Luke Powell is not in any way associated with the league where Mr. Guy is “President” — but I won’t hold my breath.

      Good reporting Kayla.


      1. Smoke and mirrors, i believe is the term used to fool people. Joseph, funny that you bring up luke powell at this point . Mr. Guy, is luke powell involved with this league in any way? I am sure that any players thinking about coming to your league would like to know this too. And, if you have to ask why, think about it and what happened last time he was involved in a start up. Also, are you willing to open your books and show people how this league is financed other than tryout fees? How much are players going to be paid once given a contract? Where are they going to be housed and how will they get to each game? These are fair questions and any player should be asking these before putting out a tryout fee.


      2. To J.T. Leffingwell,

        Those are great points. Nowhere on the website for SWPBL is there any mention of pay, housing, or transportation.

        How can a potential player make a decision about ploppin’ down $750 for a try-out without knowing the details of what they’ll be getting in return? And I don’t just mean money & shelter — what sort of official stats will be collected and archived for players hoping to showcase their achievements in order to advance to higher-tier indy leagues?

        Looks like bad news.


      3. I’ve heard (but not officially) that guys are supposed to get $75 a week back for the 4 weeks… so $300 back and their housing covered. Haven’t heard anything about stats although they have an “official statistician” now, so I’m sure that’ll be fantastic and the details of that will just be rolling in…. ha.


  7. Well as to Sean Stevens cimment the truth was put out like it was the only thing I can say for you is you are far from professional, you can not come on to a LEAGUE owned by someone and try to take over your problem is you try to do that because of your lack of success in the business world and baseball world you and that group that has to do with your organizers are a fluck I am glad my name and ball league have nothing to do with any of you, and as for the truth Sean have several of my investors that seen what you tried to do and failed your to funny cuz as a ball player and coach your far from that


  8. 1. I have read IBI for a while and the only article i recall about Mr. Guys health issues were brought up by the desert league president when they folded.
    2. Anytime anyone responds to a comment with sarcasm and defensively, usually means there is something not wanted to be discussed oe brought out. Just my opinion but good for thought.
    3. Players, do your due diligence please and look at all options before putting out money. DO what is best for you!! There are other places to get seen and signed.


    1. I commented on my personal Facebook page that I would be hesitant if I was a player to give money to someone running a league who had such severe health issues. That is what Mr. Guy is referring to. It was my honest opinion and advice to players.


  9. Good comment and sound advice, especially with all the start ups in the past 3-4 years that did not get through their 1st year. Remember, if you pay for a tryout that they are going to give you a “contract” but the total amount that will be paid to you is less than what you gave for the tryout, that is a pay for play. If you are not given transportation to and from games, meal money, or housed and have to drive yourself and not reimbursed for gas, that is a pay for play! At the very least, a player should be compensated to break even with what he has put into his season. I see it that if more is put out by a player, that is a pay for play!!


  10. Thank you IBI and Joseph. SWPBL even with housing sounds like a “pay for play”! The pfp leagues provide housing for their players, meals too. Players, do your research, please!


    1. From what i researched on it, they are charging $300 per players just to tryout for a week, with no food or housing. After the week camp, they will pay the players drafted $300 for the month and house them. Sounds like a pay for play to me. Not much other info available.


  11. From what i researched on it, they are charging $300 per players just to tryout for a week, with no food or housing. After the week camp, they will pay the players drafted $300 for the month and house them. Sounds like a pay for play to me. Not much other info available.


      1. Thank tou Kayla. I will do some more research and see if i can come up with anything. I know a few players who were gonna attend so i will reach out to them and keep you posted.


      2. According to the Waco and Royce City FB pages, it looks like the tryout happened. But glancing at the comments, it seems they haven’t even broken ground on some of the stadiums yet and no mention of signed leases with temporary fields. So this late in the game, who knows if the league itself will actually occur in ’19.


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