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Avid baseball fan. Amateur baseball artist. Member of the IBWAA (Internet Baseball Writers Association of America). If it’s summer, you can find me at a ballpark. I prefer the minors and independent ball over the major leagues. The Washington Wild Things of the Frontier League (and the Pittsburgh Pirates) are technically my “hometown” teams, but I’m always up for taking a baseball road trip!

I am fascinated by independent baseball and the stories that come out of the leagues around the country. I’m just trying to share some of those with you and give independent baseball players a voice. Check out my page “Why I Love Independent Baseball” to read my story.

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Or send me an email: kaymthompson52@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About The Author”

  1. Cool blog! I am very envious of cities with Indy League teams, having enjoyed five seasons of Indy Ball a LONG time ago in my hometown: 1994-97 Tyler WildCatters/2001 Tyler Roughnecks … the summers have been vacant ever since … 😦


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Writing and sharing stories about Independent Baseball.

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