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Mexican League Showcase

The Mexican League has recently changed their roster rules towards foreign players. Teams are allowed an unlimited number of Mexican-American players because they now count as local nationality. In addition, they have now doubled the amount of non-Mexican players (foreigners) allowed on a roster.

Due to these changes, Mexican Leagues are looking for more talent in the United States.

The Snyder Elite Baseball Academy will be holding two Mexican League showcases this year.  The showcases will be attended by Mexican League scouts and team personnel that will be ready to sign players for the upcoming season this winter.

There will be a one day tryout in Riverside, CA at La Sierra University on August 26th at 10 AM, and one in Phoenix, AZ on September 1st at 10 AM.  Players are able to pick one or both days to showcase their talent. There will also be an additional day on September 2nd in Yuma, AZ that will be used if scouts and coaches want to call back players and see more from certain players before deciding to offer them a contract.

Early online registration is open now and is $60 until August 24th.  After the 24th, registration goes up to $90 that must be paid at the location before your tryout.

Players must be 18 and older.  Remember, this is a professional tryout. Players must be physically and mentally prepared to workout and compete for a contract in front of Mexican League scouts.

For more information or to register, click on the links below:

Q & A:

Riverside, California Showcase Information/Registration (Aug 26)

Phoenix, Arizona Showcase Information/Registration (Sept 1)

In addition to the showcases, there will also be an exhibition game for players picked from those showcases (plus an additional fee of $250) to play against Los Mochis Caneros from the Triple AAA Liga Mexicana del Pacifico in October.

Mexican league and affiliated scouts will be on hand at the exhibition game as well.

For more information on the exhibition game, click HERE.

Huge thank you to Gary Snyder from Snyder Elite Baseball for sending me this awesome Cañeros de Los Mochis jersey of the Mexican Pacific League to help promote Mexican League baseball here in the United States!



2018 Frontier League Draft Class – Opening Day

Opening Day for the Frontier League has come and gone. Now, it is time to take a look at the 2018 Frontier League Draft Class and see where they are now that Opening Day has rolled around.

Out of the 34 players that were drafted this year,

16 players are on an active roster on Opening Day.

1 player is starting the season on the DL.

1 player never signed.

1 player was traded to an outside league

15 players were released.

The breakdown:

Pick 1: RHP John Michael Knighton (BeachBums)
Pick 3: RHP Ryan McSweeney (Grizzlies)
Pick 7: INF Jeff Cardenas (Grizzlies)
Pick 8: RHP Steven Heilenbach (Thunderbolts)
Pick 9: C Cody Clark (Traded by Otters to Slammers)
Pick 10: RHP Griffin Kreig (WildThings)
Pick 13: C Ronald Healy (Thunderbolts)
Pick 14: LHP William Corsen Carr (BeachBums)
Pick 16: RHP Corey Kimber (Slammers)
Pick 21: RHP Jameson McGrane (Freedom)
Pick 25: 3B Zach Lavy (Rascals)
Pick 28: C Trey Fulton (Slammers)
Pick 29: OF Brandon Pugh (Released by Rascals, signed by Freedom)
Pick 32: RHP Jacob Gangelhoff (Rascals)
Pick 33: RHP Max Biedrzycki (Crushers)
Pick 34: RHP Juan Perez (Crushers)

Pick 4: LHP Michael O’Neal DL (Slammers)

Never Signed:
Pick 11: RHP Andrew Rohrbach NEVER SIGNED (Crushers)

Pick 2: LHP Jacob Hill RELEASED (WildThings)
Pick 5: INF Kent Blackstone RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 6: C Brody Andrews RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 12: C Wilkyns Jiminez RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 15: C Jerry Chavarria RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 17: LHP Trent Lunsford RELEASED (Crushers)
Pick 18: OF Jean Figueroa RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 19: C Tanner Devinny RELEASED (Rascals)
Pick 20: C Dylan Hamel RELEASED (Otters)
Pick 22: RHP Josh Alberius RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 23: INF Tommy Ziegan RELEASED (Grizzlies)
Pick 24: C Russell Clark RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 26: 3B Brent Gillespie RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 30: RHP Evan Bell RELEASED (Slammers)
Pick 31: OF Cody Lovejoy RELEASED (Rascals)

Traded to outside league:
Pick 27: RHP George Capen (Traded from Miners to Sonoma Stompers in the Pacific Assocation)

Next month, Indy Ball Island will update how the active players are doing on their respective teams.