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2018 Frontier League Draft Class – Opening Day

Opening Day for the Frontier League has come and gone. Now, it is time to take a look at the 2018 Frontier League Draft Class and see where they are now that Opening Day has rolled around.

Out of the 34 players that were drafted this year,

16 players are on an active roster on Opening Day.

1 player is starting the season on the DL.

1 player never signed.

1 player was traded to an outside league

15 players were released.

The breakdown:

Pick 1: RHP John Michael Knighton (BeachBums)
Pick 3: RHP Ryan McSweeney (Grizzlies)
Pick 7: INF Jeff Cardenas (Grizzlies)
Pick 8: RHP Steven Heilenbach (Thunderbolts)
Pick 9: C Cody Clark (Traded by Otters to Slammers)
Pick 10: RHP Griffin Kreig (WildThings)
Pick 13: C Ronald Healy (Thunderbolts)
Pick 14: LHP William Corsen Carr (BeachBums)
Pick 16: RHP Corey Kimber (Slammers)
Pick 21: RHP Jameson McGrane (Freedom)
Pick 25: 3B Zach Lavy (Rascals)
Pick 28: C Trey Fulton (Slammers)
Pick 29: OF Brandon Pugh (Released by Rascals, signed by Freedom)
Pick 32: RHP Jacob Gangelhoff (Rascals)
Pick 33: RHP Max Biedrzycki (Crushers)
Pick 34: RHP Juan Perez (Crushers)

Pick 4: LHP Michael O’Neal DL (Slammers)

Never Signed:
Pick 11: RHP Andrew Rohrbach NEVER SIGNED (Crushers)

Pick 2: LHP Jacob Hill RELEASED (WildThings)
Pick 5: INF Kent Blackstone RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 6: C Brody Andrews RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 12: C Wilkyns Jiminez RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 15: C Jerry Chavarria RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 17: LHP Trent Lunsford RELEASED (Crushers)
Pick 18: OF Jean Figueroa RELEASED (Cornbelters)
Pick 19: C Tanner Devinny RELEASED (Rascals)
Pick 20: C Dylan Hamel RELEASED (Otters)
Pick 22: RHP Josh Alberius RELEASED (Boomers)
Pick 23: INF Tommy Ziegan RELEASED (Grizzlies)
Pick 24: C Russell Clark RELEASED (Miners)
Pick 26: 3B Brent Gillespie RELEASED (Freedom)
Pick 30: RHP Evan Bell RELEASED (Slammers)
Pick 31: OF Cody Lovejoy RELEASED (Rascals)

Traded to outside league:
Pick 27: RHP George Capen (Traded from Miners to Sonoma Stompers in the Pacific Assocation)

Next month, Indy Ball Island will update how the active players are doing on their respective teams.

2018 Frontier League Draft Results

As Indy Ball Island has done in the past, we are once again covering the Frontier League draft and what happens to the selected players throughout the season.

This year, 34 players were selected in the Frontier League draft, which is an increase from the 26 players selected last year.

17 pitchers and 17 position players were selected. The even split mirrors what happens last year when 13 of each were taken.

Below is a list of every player taken, their position, and their college or last previous team(s).

1 TRAVERSE CITY BEACH BUMS RHP John Michael Knighton 4 seasons in the Cubs org. Highest level: A
2 WASHINGTON WILD THINGS LHP Jacob Hill University of San Diego
3 GATEWAY GRIZZLIES RHP Ryan McSweeney Walsh University
4 JOLIET SLAMMERS LHP Michael O’Neal Played 1 season of affiliated for Braves (Highest Level AA)

Last year with Rockland (CanAm) and Fargo (American)

5 FLORENCE FREEDOM INF Kent Blackstone Westside Woolly Mammoths (USPBL)
6 NORMAL CORNBELTERS C Brody Andrews Grand Valley State
7 GATEWAY GRIZZLIES INF Jeff Cardenas Northwestern Ohio
RHP Steven Heilenbach Illinois State University
10 WASHINGTON WILD THINGS RHP Griffin Kreig East Tennessee State
11 LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS RHP Andrew Rohrbach Played 2 games in Rockies org in 2014 (Low A)

Spent last season with Gary (American)

12 SCHAUMBURG BOOMERS C Wilkyns Jiminez Union College (KY)
13 WINDY CITY THUNDERBOLTS C Ronald Healy Grand Canyon University
14 TRAVERSE CITY BEACH BUMS LHP William Corsen Carr Indiana University
15 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MINERS C Jerry Chavarria Mansfield (PA)
16 JOLIET SLAMMERS RHP Corey Kimber Was drafted by Padres in 2012. Played there until 2016. Highest Level High A.
17 LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS LHP Trent Lunsford Played with Evansville (Frontier) and Garden City (Pecos)
18 NORMAL CORNBELTERS OF Jean Figueroa Georgia Gwinett
19 RIVER CITY RASCALS C Tanner Devinny Sioux Falls and Winnipeg (American)
20 EVANSVILLE OTTERS C Dylan Hamel Appalachian State
21 FLORENCE FREEDOM RHP Jameson McGrane Empire and Thoroughbred leagues
22 SCHAUMBURG BOOMERS RHP Josh Alberius 1 season with Marlins org. Highest level Low A
23 GATEWAY GRIZZLIES INF Tommy Ziegan SUNY Old Westbury
24 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MINERS C Russell Clark Lincoln Memorial
25 RIVER CITY RASCALS 3B Zach Lavy Gateway Grizzlies (Frontier)
26 FLORENCE FREEDOM 3B Brent Gillespie Gateway (Frontier) and San Rafael (Pacifics)
27 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MINERS RHP George Capen 1 season Mariners org. Highest level Rookie
28 JOLIET SLAMMERS C Trey Fulton Dayton
29 RIVER CITY RASCALS OF Brandon Pugh Alpine Cowboys (Pecos)
30 JOLIET SLAMMERS RHP Evan Bell Played rookie ball in White Sox org. and with Joplin (American) in 2016.
31 RIVER CITY RASCALS OF Cody Lovejoy Texas State University
32 RIVER CITY RASCALS RHP Jacob Gangelhoff Benedictine (AZ)
33 LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS RHP Max Birdrzycki Pittsburg Diamonds (Pacific)
34 LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS RHP Juan Perez 6 seasons in the Cardinals org. Highest level: High A


Follow Indy Ball Island all season long as we take a look at where these players are on opening day, a month into the season, at the All-Star break, and at the end of the season.