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2017 Frontier League Draft Class Mid-Season Update

As the Frontier League heads into the All-Star break, it is now time for the mid-season update on the 2017 tryout draft class. In the month since our last update, four more players were released.


16 drafted players started the season on a roster for Opening Day. For our one month post, eleven players were still on a roster.  Now at the All-Star break, seven players are still playing in the Frontier League.

The remaining players:

Aaron Burns (RHP) R1 WildThings – In 9 games (4 starts, 36.1 IP), he has a 1.73 ERA with 26 K and a 2-0 record.
Cosimo Cannella (1B) R1 Boomers – Has a .200 avg in 25 games (90 AB) with 9 RBI and 1 HR.
Brook Clark (UTL) R1 Beach Bums – He has a .160 avg in 18 games (50 AB) with 3 RBI.
Brian McKenna (RHP) R1 Slammers – Moved from catcher to pitcher. In 13 games (12.1 IP), he has a 2.91 ERA with 11 K and 10 BB.
Cody Mincey (RHP) R1 Thunderbolts – Placed on waivers. Picked up by Rascals. He has a combined ERA of 3.60 and 2-0 record with 22 K in 20 games (20 IP).
Ryan O’Malley (3B) R2 Miners – Released by Miners. Picked up by Grizzlies. Placed on waivers. Picked up by Boomers. In 28 total games (88 AB), he has a .216 avg with 8 RBI and 1 HR.
Steven Pollakov (C) Slammers – Released on May 11th. Re-signed to the Slammers May 13th. He has a .189 avg with 5 RBI in 21 games (53 AB).


The released players:

Stephen Swagerty (RHP) R1 Rascals – Released on June 26th. In 14 games (15.2 IP), he had a 0-2 record and a 7.46 ERA with 15 K and 18 BB.
Austin Goss (RHP) R1 Boomers – Released on June 30th. Was placed on the DL June 3rd and never returned. In 5 games (10.1 IP), he had a 4.35 ERA and a 1-0 record.
Matt Sabel (LHP) R1 WildThings – Released on June 30th. He has a 7.00 ERA with 6 K in 11 games (9 IP).
Kyle Carter (OF) R2 Cornbelters – Released July 8th. He has played as both a position player and a pitcher this season. In 5 games (8 AB), he had a .250 avg. As a pitcher, he pitched in 5 games (7.1 IP) with a 7.36 ERA.

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2017 Frontier League Draft Results

On Tuesday, April 25th, the Frontier League held their annual draft after two days of tryouts.

This year, 26 players were selected (13 pitchers and 13 position players) – down from the 30 players selected in 2016 and 34 players in 2015.

As in the past, Indy Ball Island will follow these players all season long.

RHP Austin Goss was selected as the first overall pick by the Schaumburg Boomers.

Here are the complete results of the 2017 Frontier League Draft:

Round 1:
Pick 1: Schaumburg Boomers, Austin Goss (RHP)
Pick 2: Windy City Thunderbolts, Cody Mincey (RHP)
Pick 3: Traverse City Beach Bums, James Simpson (C)
Pick 4: Gateway Grizzles, TBA
Pick 5: Normal CornBelters, Bob Wheatley (LHP)
Pick 6: Lake Erie Crushers, Nick Bozman (LHP)
Pick 7: Washington Wild Things, Aaron Burns (RHP)
Pick 8: Schaumburg Boomers, Cosimo Cannella (1B)
Pick 9: River City Rascals, Stephen Swagerty (RHP)
Pick 10: Joliet Slammers, Steven Pollakov (C)
Pick 11: Evansville Otters, Andrew Bynum (C)
Pick 12: Southern Illinois Miners, Ryan O’Malley (3B)

Round 2:
Pick 13: Schaumburg Boomers, Pass
Pick 14: Windy City Thunderbolts, Danny Britt (C)
Pick 15: Traverse City Beach Bums, Brook Clark (UTL)
Pick 16: Gateway Grizzlies, Chris Dula (RHP)
Pick 17: Normal CornBelters, Kyle Carter (LHP)
Pick 18: Florence Freedom, Mark Fowler (OF)
Pick 19: Washington Wild Things, Matt Sabel (LHP)
Pick 20: Lake Erie Crushers, Roman Gomez (RHP)
Pick 21: River City Rascals, Trevor Jaunich (RHP)
Pick 22: Joliet Slammers, Brian McKenna (C)
Pick 23: Evansville Otters, Ryan Cheek (RHP)
Pick 24: Southern Illinois Miners, Chris Amato (SS)

Round 3:
Picks 25-27: Schaumburg Boomers, Windy City Thunderbolts, Traverse City Beach Bums, Pass
Pick 28: Gateway Grizzlies, Colin Kelly (RHP)
Pick 29: Normal CornBelters, Pass
Pick 30: Florence Freedom, Lucas Owens (C)
Picks 31-32: Washington Wild Things, Lake Erie Crushers, Pass
Pick 33: River City Rascals, Dillon Clift, (C)
Picks 34-36: Joliet Slammers, Evansville Others, and Southern Illinois Miners, Pass

Round 4:
Pick 37: River City Rascals, Matthew Haskins (OF)


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