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Mexican League Showcase

The Mexican League has recently changed their roster rules towards foreign players. Teams are allowed an unlimited number of Mexican-American players because they now count as local nationality. In addition, they have now doubled the amount of non-Mexican players (foreigners) allowed on a roster.

Due to these changes, Mexican Leagues are looking for more talent in the United States.

The Snyder Elite Baseball Academy will be holding two Mexican League showcases this year.  The showcases will be attended by Mexican League scouts and team personnel that will be ready to sign players for the upcoming season this winter.

There will be a one day tryout in Riverside, CA at La Sierra University on August 26th at 10 AM, and one in Phoenix, AZ on September 1st at 10 AM.  Players are able to pick one or both days to showcase their talent. There will also be an additional day on September 2nd in Yuma, AZ that will be used if scouts and coaches want to call back players and see more from certain players before deciding to offer them a contract.

Early online registration is open now and is $60 until August 24th.  After the 24th, registration goes up to $90 that must be paid at the location before your tryout.

Players must be 18 and older.  Remember, this is a professional tryout. Players must be physically and mentally prepared to workout and compete for a contract in front of Mexican League scouts.

For more information or to register, click on the links below:

Q & A:

Riverside, California Showcase Information/Registration (Aug 26)

Phoenix, Arizona Showcase Information/Registration (Sept 1)

In addition to the showcases, there will also be an exhibition game for players picked from those showcases (plus an additional fee of $250) to play against Los Mochis Caneros from the Triple AAA Liga Mexicana del Pacifico in October.

Mexican league and affiliated scouts will be on hand at the exhibition game as well.

For more information on the exhibition game, click HERE.

Huge thank you to Gary Snyder from Snyder Elite Baseball for sending me this awesome Cañeros de Los Mochis jersey of the Mexican Pacific League to help promote Mexican League baseball here in the United States!



The Black Sox Road Warriors Are Back At It Again

The Black Sox are looking to “change the culture” in indy ball.

The team is mostly made up of players with pro experience who are still looking for a place to play for the summer as well as guys who are signed to leagues that start later (such as the Pacific Association or the Pecos League).

The “Road Warriors” travel around the country playing various independent teams in many different leagues during their respective spring trainings… think barnstorming teams of the past.

The players are hoping that just one of the teams take notice and sign them to play for them instead of against them.

It’s definitely a grind. Indy ball isn’t easy, and this is even harder. Guys travel with each other from city to city, paying for their own transportation while trying to find their own place to stay for the night. Some teams provide hotels, but most won’t pay for a team that isn’t officially part of any league.

It isn’t for everyone, but it could be worth it for the guys who grind it out. Owner/manager Joe Torre has a track record of getting guys signed to indy leagues. He uses his extensive connections and some tough love to get guys where they want to be.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be working with a school that went to a school day spring training game featuring the Black Sox. The guys were amazing to my students and made it an enjoyable experience for all. You can check out that story here: Education Day with the Black Sox.

Indy Ball Island also invited two members of the Black Sox to write about their experience. You can check that out here: Guest Bloggers – The Black Sox. 

The team will be all over the country starting today… if they’re in a town near you, make sure you go out and support the guys if you can!

Road Warrior Black Sox Tour Schedule 2018 

Florence Kentucky will be home base for our 2018 Pro Spring Training Trip

4/20-4/21 vs Lancaster Barnstormers- Atlantic League (2gms)

4/21 vs Road Warrior Team (Atlantic League ) @ New Britain stadium (Back field)- driving back to Florence for Draft after CT game (possible PM CT tryout)

4/21 River City Rascals Tryout- Frontier League

4/21 Pacific Association Draft Tryout @ Albert Park San Rafael- Pacific Association

4/23-4/24 Frontier Draft in Florence Kentucky- Frontier League

4/24-4/27 @ USPBL Draft in Michigan 3 day event, players pay USPBL for tryout. Discount for players who attend Frontier Draft

4/26 vs Windy City Thunderbolts Double Header- Frontier League (2gms)- driving to Southern Illinois

4/26-4/27 vs Southern Illinois Miners -Frontier League (2gms)- driving back to Florence to recoup before the next trip

5/1  Road Warriors vs Florence Freedom 11am -Frontier League- driving to Washington on the 2nd

*5/3-5/4 vs Washington Wild Things  10am (School day games)- Frontier League (2gms)-driving to Florence/Normal, splitting the squads

5/5-5//6-5/7-5/8 vs Florence Freedom 3 games 2pm start 5/6 and 5/7. 12 pm start 5/5 -Frontier League (3 games)

⅚ vs Normal Cornbelters 10am- Frontier League

5/7vs Normal Cornbelters 9am- Frontier League

⅝ vs Normal Cornbelters (School day game) 10am- Frontier League- driving to Texas for American Association Series

5/9 vs Sussex County Miners (after the tryout)

5/10-5/11-5/12 vs Cleburn Railroaders/Grand Prairie Airhogs- American Association (6gms in 3 days)- driving ti Fargo after game on 12

5/14 vs Fargo Moore-Head Redhawks -American Association (1 gm)-driving to Sioux Falls after the game

5/15 vs Sioux Falls Canaries – American Association (1gm)-driving to California to get ready for May 20 first PAC workout

5/13–5/17- Pecos League Spring Training Starts

5/20-6/1 – Pacific Association Spring Training Games vs 6 teams games to be scheduled (Vallejo/Pittsburg/Martinez/Napa)

June 4-7 @ Empire League Spring Training


* Look for a special story about the Black Sox while they are in Washington, PA next month!

For more information on the Black Sox, please check out their official website HERE.