2017 Frontier League Draft Class – One Month Later

We are about one month into the Frontier League season, so it is time to check in to see how the players from the 2017 draft are doing with their teams.


16 drafted players started the season on a roster for Opening Day. As of June 18th, ten of those players are still on a roster. One player changed positions (drafted as a catcher and has become a pitcher). One is playing both a position and pitching. Two players are on different teams than the one that drafted them. Another player is currently on the DL.

One additional player who was released before opening day is now playing for the team that originally drafted him.

The remaining players:
Aaron Burns (RHP) R1 WildThings – In 6 games (4 starts, 22 IP), he has a 2.45 ERA with 16 K and a 0-0 record.
Cosimo Cannella (1B) R1 Boomers – Has a .266 avg in 17 games (64 AB) with 9 RBI and 1 HR.
Brook Clark (UTL) R1 Beach Bums – He has a .240 avg in 10 games (25 AB) with 3 RBI.
Matt Sabel (LHP) R1 WildThings – He has a 6.23 ERA with 6 K in 9 games (8.2 IP).
Stephen Swagerty (RHP) R1 Rascals – In 11 games (8.2 IP), he has a 0-2 record and a 9.34 ERA with 11 K and 12 BB.
Brian McKenna (RHP) R1 Slammers – Moved from catcher to pitcher. In 10 games (10.1 IP), he has a 2.61 ERA with 9 K and 10 BB.
Kyle Carter (OF) R2 Cornbelters – He has played as both a position player and a pitcher this season. In 5 games (8 AB), he has a .250 avg. As a pitcher, he has pitched in 4 games (5.1 IP) with a 6.75 ERA.
Cody Mincey (RHP) R1 Thunderbolts – Placed on waivers. Picked up by Rascals. He has a combined ERA of 5.25 and 2-0 record with 14 K in 13 games (12 IP).
Ryan O’Malley (3B) R2 Miners – Released by Miners. Picked up by Grizzlies. Placed on waivers. Picked up by Boomers. In 17 total games (49 AB), he has a .224 avg with 4 RBI and 1 HR.
Austin Goss (RHP) R1 Boomers – On the DL since June 3rd. In 5 games (10.1 IP), he has a 4.35 ERA and a 1-0 record.

Steven Pollakov (C) Slammers – RELEASED on May 11th. Re-signed to the Slammers May 13th. He has a .217 avg with 5 RBI in 18 games (46 AB).

The released players:

Chris Amato (SS) R1 Miners – Traded to Thunderbolts. Released May 23rd. Did not play.
Danny Britt (C) R1 Thunderbolts – Released May 23rd. Only played 1 game with no hits and one walk.
Chris Dula (RHP) Exp Grizzlies – Released May 23rd. In 1 game (1 IP), he allowed 2 ER (18.00 ERA).
Colin Kelly (RHP) R1 Grizzlies – Released May 23rd. He had a 10.12 ERA in just 3 games (2.2 IP).
Nick Bozman (LHP) R1 Crushers – Released May 30th. He had a 10.80 ERA and 0-1 record in 4 games (5IP).
Bob Wheatley (LHP) Exp Cornbelters – Released June 13th. In 5 games (all starts – 21.2 IP), he had a 2-3 record with a 7.06 ERA.


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