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Statement/Update on New Indy Leagues

Indy Ball Island is fully aware that there are various independent leagues that are making social media posts and statements, creating websites and holding try outs in an attempt to start up for the 2021 season.

These potential start-up leagues include (but are probably not limited to):

  • Texas State Baseball League
  • Steer League
  • Constellation Energy League
  • Southern Shores Professional League
  • Western Association of Professional Baseball Clubs

Indy Ball Island will NOT be reporting on these leagues or their tryout information until more is known about the validity of these leagues.

Every season, multiple leagues attempt to come on to the indy scene and end up crashing and burning. While some may have good intentions, others are often just money-grabs and scams. Because it is too difficult to determine this based off of websites, social media posts and even interviews with league representatives, we feel it is irresponsible to push a new league on potential players.

Indy Ball Island will continue highlighting news and tryouts from the established independent baseball leagues such as:

  • Atlantic League (MLB Partner League)
  • American Association (MLB Partner League)
  • Frontier League (MLB Partner League)
    • Yinzer Baseball Confederacy – Created by Black Sox Pro Baseball. This league will play in a Frontier League stadium (Washington, PA)
  • Pioneer League (Newly established MLB Partner League)
  • United Shores Professional Baseball League
  • Pecos League
  • Empire Professional Baseball League
  • Pacific Association of Professional Baseball (2021 status unknown)
  • Puerto Rico Independent Baseball League (hoping to transfer from an instructional to an independent league)

We will also still provide information for ESTABLISHED winter/instructional leagues.

We always have the players’ best interests in mind when reporting on and encouraging players to explore options within independent baseball.


Update on the Moses Lake Pro Baseball League

Last month, Indy Ball Island reported on a new league, the Moses Lake Professional Baseball League, based out of Moses Lake, Washington.

Plans for the league, created by Jim Hayes and Keith Marshall, seem to have come to a halt.

Hayes sent out an email today with an update on the league:


As stated on our website, if we do not have all finances in the bank by march 7th, 2020, we would not move forward. As of right now, it looks like we are not going to reach the goals we set for this league and will not pursue it further. One important thing though, not one player is out a dime as promised by us. Thank you for your time…..
Jim Hayes, MLPBL
The good news is that they were smart enough to realize that they do not have the funding in place to start before the league turned into a scam and created more unfulfilled dreams for players.

*On another note*

It appears as though the Western Association of Professional Baseball that was first covered on this site in July, is not getting off the ground either. Their last update was in September and nothing has been heard from them since.