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Frontier League Announces 2022 Schedule

The Frontier League announced their 2022 schedule.

The season will look a lot different than in years past.

Before the COVID pandemic hit, the Frontier League merged with the Can-Am League; however, due to travel restrictions in 2021, the league ultimately merged all three Canadian teams into one last season.

This upcoming season, the three Canadian teams will be fielding their own teams.

Fans may also notice that a longtime staple of the Frontier League, the Southern Illinois Miners, are no longer in the league. In fact, the team folded in October after the owners retired.

In their place, there will be a travel team. The Frontier Greys were last used in 2015 to even out the schedule.

Official Press Release from the Frontier League

The Frontier League of Professional Baseball announced the release of their 2022 schedule, featuring the most regular season games in the league’s 29-year history. The 16 teams will play 768 regular season games will take place beginning on Thursday, May 12, and concluding on Sunday, September 4.

The 2022 schedule will be a full-season format with East and West divisions. Teams play either three or four series against their divisional rivals while facing the eight teams from the other division at least once each.

“While we all understood the need for regionalized play in 2021, fans, players, and team staff all looked forward to a return to full-league play in 2022,” said deputy commissioner Steve Tahsler. “With all teams playing each other for at least one series, we are excited about creating new rivalries while continuing games against familiar opponents.”

The 2022 regular season opens with the Florence Y’alls hosting the Tri-City ValleyCats, the New York Boulders hosting the Sussex County Miners and the Windy City ThunderBolts hosting the Joliet Slammers on Thursday, May 12. The Evansville Otters, Gateway Grizzlies, Joliet Slammers, Lake Erie Crushers, Sussex County Miners, and Washington Wild Things open at home on Friday, May 13. The Tri-City ValleyCats return home on Tuesday, May 17 while the Schaumburg Boomers raise their 2021 championship banner on Friday, May 20.

The Frontier League’s three Canadian members, the Ottawa Titans, Quebec Capitales, and Trois-Rivières Aigles, all open their home schedules on Tuesday, May 24. Ottawa’s home opener features the league’s newest club, the Titans, against the longest-playing team, the Evansville Otters.

Other highlights of the 2022 schedule include a championship series rematch on June 10-12 when Schaumburg visits Washington. Provincial rivals Quebec and Trois-Rivieres face each other at Stade Canac on Canada Day while Independence Day weekend features geographic rival series of New Jersey at Sussex County, Evansville at Gateway, Washington and Lake Erie, and Windy City at Joliet.

Playoffs begin on Tuesday, September 6 with the 2nd place team in each division hosting the 3rd place team. Winners of the wild-card game will face their division winner in a best-of-three series starting on Thursday, September 8. The Championship Series opens on Tuesday, September 13 with a potential game 5 on Sunday, September 18. 

The Frontier League of Professional Baseball is an official Partner League of Major League Baseball and the largest of its kind in professional baseball. The Frontier League has moved over 1,000 players to MLB Teams in its 29-year history. Please visit www.frontierleague.com.

CLICK HERE for a full, printable version of the 2022 Frontier League Schedule.

WildThings Miss Out on Elusive Frontier League Championship

20 seasons of baseball.
19 seasons (thanks COVID season) of trying to win a Frontier League Championship.
20 seasons of frustration, defeat and heartbreak.
10 playoff appearances.
7 Divison Championships.
4 Championship Series Appearances.
0 Frontier League Championships.

In Game 5 of the 2021 Frontier League Championship, the Washington WildThings were defeated by the Schaumburg Boomers 10-4.

After splitting the first two games, the series headed back to Washington.

Game 3 went to the WildThings, and it appeared that the championship that had eluded them for so long would finally find a home in Washington, PA.

But the runs just wouldn’t come for the WildThings in Game 4, and the Boomers forced a Game 5 at WildThings Park.

The runs came in Game 5, but once again not for the WildThings. The Boomers put up 10 runs on 13 hits while Washington, even with a little 9th inning magic, only managed 4 runs on 5 hits.

Honestly, I had a completely different article prepared before Game 4 even began. It chronicled my 20 seasons and how much seeing the WildThings bring home the championship really meant to me. I was THAT confident that it would finally be THE year. All I had to do was hit “publish” while I was celebrating.

I poured my heart into that article just as I’ve poured my heart into this team for 20 seasons. Hopefully one day, the article will see the light of day. The guys I highlighted deserve that much.
But here I am crushed and defeated for another season as I see yet another visiting team celebrate a championship at my home field.

It’s been said that “losing builds character.” If that’s the case… this organization and their fans sure have a lot of character built up.

I know I do. I know that without a doubt, without this team, without this stadium, without the constant ups and downs of following Frontier League baseball… I would not be the person that I am today.

Without 20 seasons of Washington WildThings baseball, there would be no baseball Coach Thompson. There would be no Kayla Thompson – NASM certified personal trainer. There would be no Indy Ball Island.

This blog was built around my love for independent baseball. A love that grew year after year. And yes… even loss after loss. The highs are never truly high if you don’t suffer through the lows. And every single season has brought some pretty big highs… and ultimately every single season has brought the lowest of lows.

But I am thankful for my time at this ballpark and following this team.

I’m grateful for all the friendships I’ve made and for all the people that have turned into a second family to me.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and endured through the years and years of heartbreaking defeat.

I was 12 when the WildThings played their first season and lost their first championship series. And 31 year old me is just as disappointed and heartbroken as 12 year old me was… more so actually.

Because now I know everything these players and coaches go through to get here. I know the struggles, the politics, the dedication, the sacrifice, and yes I sure know the heartbreak.

But damn do I just want to know what it’s like to win a Frontier League championship.

Well, just like the other cliché goes… “there’s always next year.”

And if there isn’t a next year for some of you… Zach Strecker in particular… good luck and thank you. Thank you for the years of excitement, character building nights, Frontier League record breaking celebrations, meet the team preseason drinks, a season of way too many selfies, and every single save. Guys like Streck are the reason I keep coming back. Thank you for putting your whole heart and soul into a kids game.