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JaXon Argos Takes On The WildThings

Earlier this month, Indy Ball Island covered the relationship between indy baseball and indy wrestling.  The article mentioned that indy wrestler, JaXon Argos, was set to throw out the first pitch at the Washington WildThings game ahead of the Big Time Wrestling event coming to the ball park.

Argos thought he was prepared for his first pitch, but after the ball went *just a bit outside… he unexpectedly ended up in a confrontation on the mound instead.

*waaaaayyyy outside

WildThings newcomer, Levi MaVorhis, was tasked with catching the first pitch. MaVorhis, a pitcher who was recently released after being in the St. Louis Cardinals organization since signing as a free agent from Kansas State in 2016, officially joined the WildThings that morning and delivered a Stone Cold Stunner before ever throwing a pitch with the team. Welcome to indy ball, Levi!

After being a starter primarily throughout college, MaVorhis spent the majority of his time in the Cardinals organization as a relief pitcher.  Washington hopes to convert him back into a starting role, as he will get his first chance to start with the team on Saturday.  I’m not sure what will be more memorable, his first day on the job or his first day on the mound.

He may be a baseball player, but it seems as if he wouldn’t mind a career in pro wrestling either.

“That was a really fun experience,” said MaVorhis. “JaXon was a good sport about everything, and I had a great time.  If he ever wants a rematch, he knows where to find me!”

He may not have to wait long for the rematch.

After his less than stellar first pitch, JaXon was invited to race the WildThing in between innings. That didn’t go as planned either as the WildThing pushed JaXon right from the start and ended up overcoming a few punches to take home the win.

During the 7th inning stretch, JaXon tried to redeem himself for “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” but was thrown a curveball when he was made to dance and do the “Cotton Eye Joe” as well!

“I came here to throw a baseball and enjoy my time! Then some punk decides to hit me with a Stone Cold Stunner? A mascot shoves me and embarrassed me?” Argos stated.

“I will get revenge… I don’t know how and I don’t know when… but the Washington Wild Things are DEFINITELY going to feel the wrath of Argos one day!”


Wrestling Night may not have been successful for JaXon Argos, but it was for the Washington Wild Things. The team’s attendance was fairly decent for a weekday – it was their best Thursday crowd besides the night Pat McAfee played. In addition, I saw a lot of fans out at the park who don’t normally come to games. Hopefully, they enjoyed themselves and plan on returning in the future!

USPBL Player Signs With The Cardinals Organization

USPBL Official Press Release

Ross Vance, Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers left-handed pitcher, signs with St. Louis Cardinals
UTICA, Mich.—The St. Louis Cardinals have signed United Shore Professional Baseball Leagues’ (USPBL) Ross Vance. Vance, a left-handed pitcher with the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers will report to a St. Louis Cardinals Class A affiliate on Thursday, June 16, 2016. He is expected to join the Cards in either the Gulf Coast or New York Penn League.
The first USPBL player signed by a Major League team, Vance distinguished himself with the Beavers as a high-percentage strikeout pitcher with the ability to change speeds and keep hitters off balance. He compiled a 1-0 record with the Beavers, while posting a 0.00 ERA. Signed out of West Virginia University, Vance was 7-5 in his senior year, striking out a team-best 81 batters while allowing 35 earned runs on 48 hits for a 3.26 ERA.
Said USPBL’s Executive Director of Baseball Operations Brian Berryman: “The philosophy of this league is to get the best players overlooked by Major League Baseball and then do everything we can to make them better and signed by a Big League organization. We couldn’t be more pleased.”
The USPBL’s inaugural season began on Memorial Day 2016 and features the nation’s top baseball talent recruited to three initial teams: The Utica Unicorns, Eastside Diamond Hoppers, and the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers.
“I loved being a part of the United Shore Professional Baseball League, in particular the coaching, mentoring and level of competition,” said Vance. “Any young player looking to get better and further their career should make this league their first priority.”