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Top 100 Baseball Blogs for 2019… Top 50?!

Two years ago, Indy Ball Island debuted at number 93 on the Top 100 Baseball Blogs.

Last year, the site moved up to number 84.

This year… Indy Ball Island has cracked the top 50, coming in at number 48!!

baseball 100 transparent_1000px.png

To all of our readers and subscribers, and to every baseball player that makes this blog so enjoyable to run… thank you.

I really hope that Indy Ball Island can be a source of information and stories from independent baseball for many more years!

You can see the whole list of the Top 100 Baseball Blogs and Websites for 2019 HERE.

Top Blogs for Men Award

This morning, Indy Ball Island was informed that we have made “The Top 110 Blogs for Men” – a list compiled by the website JJ Suspenders.

top 110

Here is the write up from the list:

The Indy Ball Island blog shares stories about the wonderful world of Independent Baseball. The site was founded out of a true passion for the sport of baseball, and of admiration of Independent Baseball players who don’t do it for the money or the fame, but for a real love of the game. Baseball lovers of all levels will enjoy reading through this top-rated baseball blog.

Indy Ball Island is listed in the sports section alongside Bleacher Report, 90 Soccer – the Soccer Network, and many other well known blogs.

This is a very cool honor, but slightly ironic since this website is written entirely by a woman 😉

To everyone who has been a longtime supporter and subscriber… THANK YOU! To all of our new readers… WELCOME! I hope you all continue to enjoy the world of independent baseball!