Top Blogs for Men Award

This morning, Indy Ball Island was informed that we have made “The Top 110 Blogs for Men” – a list compiled by the website JJ Suspenders.

top 110

Here is the write up from the list:

The Indy Ball Island blog shares stories about the wonderful world of Independent Baseball. The site was founded out of a true passion for the sport of baseball, and of admiration of Independent Baseball players who don’t do it for the money or the fame, but for a real love of the game. Baseball lovers of all levels will enjoy reading through this top-rated baseball blog.

Indy Ball Island is listed in the sports section alongside Bleacher Report, 90 Soccer – the Soccer Network, and many other well known blogs.

This is a very cool honor, but slightly ironic since this website is written entirely by a woman 😉

To everyone who has been a longtime supporter and subscriber… THANK YOU! To all of our new readers… WELCOME! I hope you all continue to enjoy the world of independent baseball!



2 thoughts on “Top Blogs for Men Award”

    1. Honestly… because I do everything myself and even though it’s not a hard thing to do.. I’m actually pretty lazy some times and since this blog isn’t the main priority of my life, I kinda keep pushing the header aside. I know I need a new one. It’ll happen soon!


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