Desert League Announces Open Tryout Dates

The newly formed Desert League has announced open tryouts for the 92 roster spots (23 per team) available this upcoming season.

desert league logo

Baseball is a child’s game. Played by both children and adults who can’t let go of their children’s game. As Jim Bouton said, “You spend your life gripping a baseball and in the end you discover it’s the other way around.”

For $60 you can see if you still carry the dream and are good enough to realize it. For just three Jacksons you can take a chance that you are good enough to make money playing baseball.

The newest independent baseball league in the country and the ONLY league that is scheduled to play during the Fall and Winter will be holding tryouts to see if you can keep your dreams alive.

The Desert Baseball League is headquartered in Yuma and will play this September in Yuma, San Luis, Somerton and Imperial County, California. The players will be paid and insured. But most importantly they will move from southern Arizona to professional leagues in the US and Mexico and begin their journey up the baseball ladder.

So put down your baseball cards and pick up your glove and meet coaches and staff of the Desert League of Professional Baseball in Superior that Tuesday afternoon and see if you have what it takes to make your Field of Dreams possible. As they say, you can’t get a hit if you don’t swing the bat.

Go to to register and get more information.

Currently, their website lists three different tryouts as well as the dates for their open training camp.


Mountain View, California


WHEN: June 5, 2016

WHERE:  Mountain View High School

3535 Truman Ave,  Mountain View, CA 94040


9 AM – noon: Evaluations
1 PM – 3 PM: Live game

$60 tryout fee in advance/$75 day of tryout

Superior, Arizona


WHEN: June 21, 2016

WHERE: Superior Jr/Sr High School


Noon – 2 PM: Evaluations
2 PM – 4 PM: Live game

$60 tryout fee in advance/$75 day of tryout

Riverside, California


WHEN: July 17, 2016

WHERE: La Sierra University

4500 Riverwalk Parkway, Riverside, CA 92505


9 AM- Noon: Evaluations
Noon – 2 PM: Live game

$60 tryout fee in advance/$80 day of tryout

Interested players should register for our open training camp scheduled for September 15-20 in Chandler. There are just 92 roster spots (23 per team) available this season.

Players unable to attend the Desert League training camp may contact the league for information on other tryout options.


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