2016 Frontier Draft Class Part Two – Opening Day

Since today marks the beginning of the Frontier League season, it is now time to look at the Opening Day rosters to see what players from the 2016 Frontier League Draft are still on a team.

Overall, 30 players were given invites to spring training. This year, only nine of those players have made an opening day roster as an active player. They include: six pitchers, two catchers, and one second baseman.

This result is down from last year which saw 34 players taken in the draft with 14 making a roster for opening day.

However, there was one bright spot for the draft.  One player who was drafted by the Normal Cornbelters, RHP Braulio Ortiz, had his contract sold to the Cincinnati Reds.

Listed below are the nine players listed on an opening day roster:

  • LHP Corey Kimes (Experienced) Gateway Grizzlies
  • C Garrett Vail (Experienced) Florence Freedom
  • RHP Ashton Perritt (Rookie-2) Traverse City Beach Bums
  • RHP Matthew Chavarria (Rookie-1) Normal Cornbelters
  • C Stephen Sunday (Rookie-1) Florence Freedom (orginally signed by Washington Wild Things, but was released and picked up by the Freedom.)
  •  RHP Quinn Pippin (Rookie-1) Joliet Slammers
  • RHP Nate Carter (Rookie-1) Gateway Grizzlies
  • LHP Vin Roth (Rookie-1) River City Rascals
  • 2B Jeremy Delgado (Rookie-1) Traverse City Beach Bums

As the season continues, I plan on tracking the progress of these nine players – which ones become breakout stars or All-Stars, and which ones get released after the games start counting. I am also looking forward to having a few posts featuring some of these players individually throughout the season.

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