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Ozarks Pro Baseball Statement

The Ozarks Pro Baseball League sent me an email this evening with a statement to share with readers.

Dear Indy Ball Island,

We’d like to thank you for your blog, and for sharing information about independent league baseball. Ozarks Pro Baseball’s season will start July the 1st as our website states. We apologize for not posting anything on your blog, we are not social media guys we are baseball guys. It is obvious that social media is something we are going to have to become better at. Legally it is not in our best interest to comment on many of the allegations that have been posted. On that note we have a simplistic approach to baseball, our philosophy is a win win or no deal. We want our players, fans, coaches, and scouts to benefit from our simple midwest approach to baseball. We’ve been working very hard over the last few years developing a business model that is a win-win and also addresses many of the challenges in minor league baseball. Until next time, we will be hard at work ensuring a successful inaugural season for our league.

Thank you,

Ozarks Pro Baseball

You can find more information about the Ozarks Pro Baseball league on their official website.