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Dominican Republic Team Out of the Can-Am League


Earlier this week, the Can-Am League issued a press release stating that the Dominican Republic team would not be playing their remaining games on the schedule.  The Hollywood Stars, owned by the Pecos League, will play out the rest of the games.

This isn’t a huge loss for the league as the Dominican Republic team failed to win any of their nine games that they had played. Last year, the team went 2-15.

Below is the Can-Am’s official press release:



Durham, N.C. — Due to transportation issues, the Dominican Republic team, which finished its games against the Can-Am League’s American clubs Sunday, has been replaced on the schedule by the Hollywood Stars. The Stars competed in the independent Pecos League in 2017.

The Dominican Republic team had been scheduled to play at Ottawa June 19-21, at Trois-Rivières June 22-24, and at Québec June 26-28. All dates and times will remain the same for games against Hollywood.

After the news was made official, a representative of the Dominican Republic team emailed me to tell me that the transportation issue was really just a way for the league to make an excuse not to have them play the remainder of their schedule. They stated that the bus was cancelled by the league, without warning, leaving the Dominicans stranded in New Jersey after having to check out of their hotel.

I reached out to the Can-Am commissioner, Miles Wolff, for his response on Tuesday (6/19), and he told me that:

The Dominican team was scheduled to leave NJ yesterday at 11 a.m. on a bus that the league had hired.   No players were there to meet the bus.  Canadian visas had not been acquired.  Although the DR organizers stated that the team would be ready today, the uncertainty over whether we would have a team to make the trip to Canada caused the league to cancel the Canadian portion of the series.

After Wolff’s email response to me, he went on record with the Ottawa Sun to discuss the issue further, stating:

“I cancelled it,” Champions owner Miles Wolff said. “The decision was mine, not theirs. Their bus was supposed to leave New Jersey at 11 (Monday morning). The team wasn’t ready to leave. They said, ‘Oh, we’re going to leave at 3 the next morning.’ Canadian visas hadn’t been applied for. There was huge uncertainty.

“The team wasn’t very good. They hadn’t gotten their U.S. visas, so they were using a lot of players out of New York City. Last year, they were only 2-16 in the league and they said, ‘OK, we understand the league is strong. We’re going to have a good team for you this year. We want to really do it right.’ It turned out to be worse than last year. The last straw was them cancelling the bus that was supposed to leave. We needed to make sure a team was going to be here.”

The Dominican team representative assured me that they had players in place to play and did everything the league asked of them.  The representative also told me that the bus situation and time of departure was supposed to be set by them, and not the league.  Wolff has been on the record multiple times stating that the Dominican team cancelled the bus, which caused him to cancel the series; however, I have seen an email where he has admitted to cancelling the bus himself because the representative was trying to “force things.”


The Hollywood Stars team, which was the Canadian version of the Salina team that just finished their partial schedule, was already in place and ready to take over and play. It does appear that having two different Salina teams (one in Canada and one in the States) shows that this may have been in the works for weeks without the Dominican team’s knowledge.

Since first publishing this article, I’ve been informed by a member of the Salina team that many members were supposed to play in both Canada and the United States. Others were scheduled to return to their original team. Some members of the Canadian Salina team were on their way back to their Pecos League team or on their way to join the Salina team in New Jersey, but were then told they needed to stay. A lot of players had to figure out a way to cancel plans or make other arrangements to stay or return to Canada to form the Hollywood Stars team.

So even if the Can-Am had this planned for weeks, they did not let the Pecos League know about it either.

Understandably, the Dominican Republic team is angry and upset about how the league has handled this entire situation.

Regardless of what exactly happened, the Can-Am bringing in poorly performing teams from outside the league has given them a bad look in recent years.

So far this season, the Salina Stockade (a Pecos League team) is 3-7, the new Hollywood Stars team (basically the Canadian roster of the Stockade) lost their first game and the Dominican team went 0-9.  Last year, there were two foreign teams playing a partial schedule: the Cuban National Team which went 5-16, and that same Dominican team which went 2-15.

The Can-Am has been doing this for years – relying on travel teams or other teams outside of the league to fill their schedule – but these teams are rarely competitive which makes for some long games for both players and fans.

In a way, it almost seems like a publicity stunt that does the exact opposite of what one is supposed to do.  These teams rarely bring in droves and droves of fans (the Dominican team was an exception), but it also appears that it has alienated a lot of fans from the six “core” teams in the league who see it as a joke and are frustrated with seeing such poor play.

Did the Can-Am really believe that the Dominican Republic team couldn’t continue on to the Canadian leg of the schedule? What really happened with the bus situation? Did the poor performance of the team lead to the switch?

Remember, there are always three sides to the story. I gave you the Can-Am League’s and the Dominican Republic team’s… I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out the third side.


Laredo Lemurs Finished – Salina Stockade Replace Lemurs on the American Association Schedule

Yesterday, news came out (LMTonline) that the Laredo Lemurs’ season was in jeopardy if the City of Laredo didn’t approve of the owner Arianna Torres’ operation plan for the team.

It appears as though they did not come to an agreement.

The Laredo Lemurs are officially finished and out of the American Association.  A news article posted today (May 3rd, 2017) from LMTonline broke the news:

Laredo Lemurs owner Arianna Torres’ attorney confirmed the “Lemurs’ 2017 season is lost and the team itself has been forever lost.”

In an email statement, attorney Baldemar Garcia said the tragedy was entirely avoidable.

“Ms. Torres was the only funding option for the Lemurs,” he said. “There are no other options available. We proved her position and won her claims in court on April 28, and she enjoyed the full support of the American professional Baseball Association. Unfortunately, that was not enough.”

Garcia said the victims to the “tragedy” include Torres, her employees, players, sponsors, vendors and the citizens and taxpayers of Laredo.

“Ms. Torres invested $2,600,000.00 to improve the quality of life in Laredo,” Garcia further stated. “She is now forced to take her business elsewhere. It was my privilege to represent her.”

On Monday, Laredo City Council will hold a special-called meeting to discuss the operations of the Lemurs for the 2017 season, states an email sent out Tuesday by the city.

The Salina Stockade, who spent last year in the Pecos League, will replace the Lemurs on the 2017 schedule. The American Association has officially confirmed this as well.

The Laredo Lemurs will not operate during the 2017 season and are no longer members of the American Association, League Commissioner Miles Wolff announced on Wednesday.

The Salina (Kan.) Stockade, part of the Pecos League in 2016, will take the Lemurs’ place on the schedule. A limited number of games originally scheduled for Laredo will be played at Dean Evans Stadium in Salina, while the rest will be at the home stadium of the Stockade’s opponent.

The Stockade’s regular season begins May 18 at Wichita.

*Update* The Laredo Lemurs also posted this on their official Facebook page on May 7th:

The lawsuit filed by Arianna Torres was based on FALSE claims. Arianna claimed the team was trying to be sold behind her back, however, the documents attached tell another story. Emails, text messages, and minutes from meetings show that the Torres family was desperately seeking to sell the team. They received a 3 million dollar offer (giving them over 700,000 profit from the sale) and they denied it. They threatened the City of Laredo to give them money to cover expenses to run the team, otherwise they would shut down operations. When things did not go her way, and realizing she could not fund the 2017 season, she withdrew the team from the League. Arianna Torres did not get approval from the City of Laredo or her Board of Directors before taking such a drastic action. As a result of these actions she owes over $500,000 in unpaid bills from last year to include unpaid employees, payroll taxes, vendors and Sponsors who have contracts with the Lemurs who are now left out.

Finally a fact that is not widely known is that the Lemurs is a “community asset” meaning the team belongs to the City of Laredo meaning the team belongs to all of you. Arianna Torres never actually owned the team she only had a management contract that allowed her company to use the Stadium. You can find undeniable proof of this fact in the operating lease agreement between the City and her company. As quoted in an excerpt from the contract:

Direct excerpt from the City of Laredo Contract:

Article VI section 6.6 states:
Community Asset. As the Lemurs are considered a community asset; and as part of the consideration for the nominal base rent is the preservation of the Lemurs as a Laredo professional sports team, the parties agrees as follows:
(A) LBH shall not be encumbered with any debt, unless such debt is disclosed to be approved by the City during the term of this lease, such approval shall not ne unreasonably delayed, condition, withheld or denied; and
(B) To the extent permitted by law, should LBH become insolvent, incapable of performing under the agreement, or attempt to initiate the relocation of the Lemurs to another City, all rights and title to the Lemurs franchise with the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, and the name and intellectual property associated with the Lemurs shall be transferred to the City.

This is a sad year for Laredo Baseball. We are trying our darnedest to bring baseball entertainment back one way or another! The fight is far from over. We appreciate everyone’s love and support.

Along with this update, the Lemurs Facebook page uploaded 32 pictures of documents regarding the situation.