MiLB Cancels Season, Players Able To Play Indy Ball

Minor League Baseball has officially canceled the 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“These are unprecedented times for our country and our organization as this is the first time in our history that we’ve had a summer without minor-league baseball played,” MiLB president Pat O’Conner said in a statement. “While this is a sad day for many, this announcement removes the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 season and allows our teams to begin planning for an exciting 2021 season of affordable family entertainment.”

Major League Baseball IS having a 60 game regular season, and each team is allowed to have player pools of 60 players. This allows some top prospects within organizations to continue training and playing, but it leaves many other players without a structured baseball season this year.

According to JJ Cooper with Baseball America, some MiLB players will be allowed to play in indy ball:

“Affiliated minor league players’ contracts are currently suspended because of the national emergency created by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Major League Baseball has informed its teams that they can allow minor leaguers to play in independent leagues until those contracts are reinstated, multiple MLB and independent league officials who had been apprised of MLB’s decision told Baseball America. An MLB front office official said that MLB teams must give their consent to allow the players to play independent ball. Finding a place to play may be somewhat difficult because the cororavirus pandemic has also forced a number of independent leagues to suspend their seasons.”


2 thoughts on “MiLB Cancels Season, Players Able To Play Indy Ball”

  1. Players, not many options out there for this Summer, but there are Winter ball options and i do not mean pay for plays. Do your research!


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