So What Is This Site Really About?

I am often asked… “So what exactly do you and your site DO?” 


Some people complain that there aren’t stats, game recaps and transactions on this site.  Well, that would be basically impossible (one woman show here!), boring and unnecessary.

This website was created to include independent baseball as a whole.  Just think, if I posted that type of information for every indy league (Atlantic, American, Can-Am, Frontier, United Shore, Pacific, Pecos, and the new Thoroughbred League), this site would be bogged down with information, and readers would lose the true story of independent baseball.

Stats, game recaps, and transactions can all be found on each league’s individual websites.  If you’re looking for that information, support their sites and check them out!

No. Indy Ball Island has been and will always be about the players.

This site includes tryout information for players who are looking to get into indy ball, advance to a higher independent league, or find a tryout after being released.

There are Q & A’s with front offices of various leagues to give players an insight that they normally wouldn’t be able to get in their position.

I’ve also tried my hardest to tell stories that give the players a voice and show a human side to this sport.

New this season, Indy Ball Island is featuring guest blogs from players and coaches all across independent baseball. These blogs aim to give both players and fans a real life look at what goes on behind the scenes throughout a season.

But what Indy Ball Island really does – what I do – outside of this website is so much more.

It’s giving out my personal cell phone number just to let players vent about this lifestyle and ask questions. It’s letting them know that even though it might seem like it, they aren’t alone.

It’s creating bullpen bags and care packages for teams and players just so I know they won’t go hungry until their next paycheck. It’s stockpiling coupons for free or cheap meals so the boys can eat without worrying about how much money they have left in their bank account.

It’s birthday cards and encouragement notes even when they’re a thousand miles from home just so they know that someone cares about them and their career. It’s cheering for them in the pouring down rain when there’s 50 people in the crowd on a week night because I want them to feel like they’re in the big leagues.

As a teacher (my day job), I educate, encourage, and help others follow their dreams.  I hope that I do the same through Indy ball Island.

Indy Ball Island is so much more than this website. It’s about the people I’ve met at every step of their baseball journeys. We’re all in this together.

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3 thoughts on “So What Is This Site Really About?”

  1. I enjoy your site a great deal. I would love to see an article on how these guys get signed, what they do if released to get re-signed and the nature of the contracts they sign. For example, are players brought in for a tryout and put on a 7-10 day contract? Unfamiliar territory for me.


    1. A lot of teams are different with how they bring in guys for tryouts. Some keep players around in the area knowing a spot is going to open up. They don’t really do short term contracts in the bigger indy leagues that I’m aware of.
      But I can definitely work on an article about signing and such.


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