Thoroughbred League Tryout Fee

Last week, Indy Ball Island posted a Q & A with the Thoroughbred League.  During the interview, Dallas Murphy (the owner/commissioner) stated that the tryout would cost $590 for each player.

Many interested players inquired about the fee, and Murphy responded with an update.

The tryout fee must be paid by each player and will cover only the tryout.  They do intend to feed the players several meals during the day as well as provide Gatorade and water during the tryout camp.

However, the league announced that each guy who makes a team will be refunded this camp fee on their first payroll distribution.

Make a team (one of 150 spots), and you get your tryout money reimbursed.

Murphy has been very insistent that they are trying their best to make this league run smoothly with the players’ best interests in mind.  If this all works out the way they plan, it will be a great thing for the signed players. He has also been very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions.

The league plans on making a few more announcements in the next ten to fifteen days as well.

For more information about the Thoroughbred Baseball League, visit their official website HERE.


5 thoughts on “Thoroughbred League Tryout Fee”

  1. so you make a team and on your first paycheck you get your money back (end of june). In month 2, possibly the final month of the season, you get a check around 500 (end of july)…

    juan ubinas has a criminal record and was apart of the desert league fiasco…his “credentials”, or lack thereof, is to make this league more credible and taken seriously?

    leagues that have folded in the past have some of those same staff members on this website…common denominator anyone…

    I hope the next updates that come from the owner/commissioner is an UPDATED website. Registration and payment on the website is all updated and in working condition but the schedule and teams are not. Your website is ready to take players’ money but you can’t provide them with info as to WHERE and WHEN they’ll play…seems legit.

    Good luck to any player that chooses to play here. This should be your LAST option, and if it is, you should consider hanging them up. Why put yourself through misery at the hands of these scam artists posing as ‘baseball people’.


  2. Been almost 3 weeks since any update on their website. Facebook page has exactly 60 likes. 40 days from the start of training camp and not a single mention in any sort of media outside of this blog… so is this thing dead already?


  3. I’ve tried to contact Mr. Murphy via telephone and emails, about housing/hotels during the tryout. No response.
    He was VERY available before I paid the fee for my son.


    1. You said you’d have an address for me to put in my gps. It’s been 3 weeks since you’ve answered my call. You’re only an hour away, I WILL come see you to get my money back by May 1st Dallas.


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