Indy Ball Bus Trip with Josh Tols and the T-Bones

It’s no secret that travel in independent baseball is grueling. There are no fancy airplanes, and many miles are spent crammed on a bus traveling throughout the entire country.

But what if that bus ride is 12 hours long, with the temperature in the 90’s, and oh yeah… you don’t have air condition.

That’s exactly what happened to the American Association’s Kansas City T-Bones last night. Pitcher Josh Tols (@Tolsy21) live tweeted the entire saga – Josh also happens to be Australian so consider this a partial revival of last year’s Aussie in America series.

Check out the entire trip below through the magic of twitter:














Shout out to Josh Tols for the entertaining live tweeting of your terrible bus trip! Good luck to you and the Kansas City T-Bones… we’re all happy no one died in the making of this article.

Give Josh a follow on Twitter: @Tolsy21

Update 6/17 – Laredo defeated Kansas City 6-2.




3 thoughts on “Indy Ball Bus Trip with Josh Tols and the T-Bones”

  1. Hi Josh. This is Linsey’s grandma. Feel for you. I remember when Saturday night’s metal bathtub was filled with block of ice with fan And wet sheets hung over Windows. Good luck. Hope trip back to KC is better.


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