Baseball is Universal. Thank You, Japan!

I just wanted to give a shout out to one of the site’s followers, Fujitsuka Takumi, from Japan. The mailman just delivered a Christmas package from him!! Very cool!


Baseball and the love for “America’s Pastime” is truly universal. Thank you for the amazing gifts!!

Fujitsuka wants to start his own website much like this one to help support indy baseball in Japan. I can’t wait to see what he does with it!! Thank you for reaching out to me!


14 thoughts on “Baseball is Universal. Thank You, Japan!”

      1. Thank you so much. Every September I go with a group of people to Japan where we go to baseball games. And I found them in World Market yesterday. But they are good.


      1. takumi-san ; Oh was the big star for Americans — I understand that the 3d baseman was a bigger star in Japan but Oh was who I really liked — and I was lucky enough to go onto the field when he was the manager of the Hawks in 2008 and did get to meet him. I have also seen a no-hitter in Japan and Tanaka win his 20th and Baletin hit Homerun number 54. My trips to Japan have been so much fun. I will be coming back for my 12th trip this September.



      1. Takumi-san, I think my favorite stadium is the new one in Hiroshima. I liked the old one also – partly because it was so close to the Peace Park. And of course – I like the Big Egg and the one the Hawks play in. But I would go to any of them – indeed I am going to 10 stadiums in September plus Sumo. I would like to see some independent games — I would like to see Eri Yoshima (?) who I met while she was pitching for the Maui team in the North American League. She pitches (or did last year) for the Million Stars.

        Phoenix, AZ


    1. Everybody likes Oh-san.
      He is (was) not only great baseball player/field manager.
      He is a great human who really respected by people.
      In Japan, he is a social role model for all, not only for baseball fans.


  1. First, I enjoy the blog, having a couple of Indy leagues (Atlantic League and Can-Am League) in my backyard.

    I would like to know if Fujitsuka Takumi or anyone else reading the blog is interested in trading different baseballs. I have several duplicates of MLB, MiLB, Independent Leagues and college and college summer league baseballs. Please email me if so: Thanks! Tom


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