Indy Ball Tryouts Page

I have now added a new page, “Indy Ball Tryouts” to the site.  Click on the tab to find information on future independent league tryouts.  I will try to update as much as possible to ensure that every tryout is posted as soon as I am made aware of them.

I have just posted new information on two Frontier League tryouts – one for the Traverse City Beach Bums and one for the River City Rascals.

Be sure to check back often and bookmark the Indy Ball Tryouts page for the latest tryout information!


2 thoughts on “Indy Ball Tryouts Page”

  1. Thank you for providing this. was a friggin’ joke this past spring (that’s $25 that went down the drain).

    As a first-timer looking for independent baseball tryouts, I knew more about what was available and when than the person running That site never listed a ton of tryouts claiming that he relies on GMs to contact him in order to post them at his site. was probably a decent resource at one point but you can tell that the owner has lost interest.


    1. That’s something I’ve heard from multiple players. I’ll do my best to post as I find out. I’ll probably do weekly searches of league and team sites as well looking for info that I haven’t been directly given. I’d never make you guys pay for info that’s free to find.. you pay enough in equipment, fees and travel.


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