San Rafael Pacifics Seeking Donations

Independent baseball is hardly a huge money-making venture.  This offseason, we’re seeing how hard it really is for one team.  The San Rafael Pacifics of the Pacific Association are seeking donations to keep their team operating for the 2016 season.

The Pacific Association, a four team league based in Northern California, began in 2013 after the North American Baseball League folded at the end of 2012. The San Rafael Pacifics, winners of the last North American Baseball League Championship, then became one of the original teams in the Pacific Association.

The Pacifics finished 2nd in the league’s inaugural season, but came back to win back-to-back championships in 2014 and 2015.

Even with their success on the field, the team has now started a campaign seeking donations for next season. The team’s campaign states:

The Pacifics are seeking contributions to allow the team to continue its efforts to provide exciting and fun fan experiences, meaningful community outreach programs and a consistently competitive on-field product.  Thus far, the team has been unable to provide both low-cost ticket and concession prices while operating with a capable staff, quality players, full community outreach efforts and engaging fan experiences.  Over the first four years of operations the team has successfully reduced expenses to the point of break-even sustainability but debt incurred over those years has substantially threatened our ability to continue in business despite a robust operating model and widespread community support.

Fans who donate have the option to receive an autographed baseball, tickets, the honor of throwing out a first pitch, delivering the line up card before the game, a pregame clinic with the Pacifics’ manager, or they can even have an official plate appearance during an actual Pacifics game.

For more information or to donate CLICK HERE.


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