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Asian Breeze Travel Team to Play Exhibition Games

A travel team called The Asian Breeze is a multi-cultural indy baseball team that plans on playing exhibition games against MiLB, Mexican and Independent league teams and colleges in Arizona and Mexico this February and March.

The owner of the team has many connections throughout Japanese baseball, and the team also plans on inviting scouts from the MLB, the Mexican League and various independent leagues.

Last year, the team ran as the Asian Islanders in Taiwan and had success finding players jobs in independent leagues throughout Asia.

While the team is mostly comprised of Japanese players, there are players from various other countries. They are also looking to add a few American players as well… including a few pitchers, infielders and a catcher.

Information for potential players:

Location: Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma Arizona and Mexico

Dates: February 21stthrough March 14th(21 nights 22 days)

Players will arrive from oversea at the Los Angeles Airport around noon on February 21st

They will leave from the Los Angeles Airport on the afternoon of March 14th 

Age: 18 years old and older

Exhibition game opponents: MiLB (affiliated teams), LMB (Mexican professional teams), The Southwest Professional Baseball League, Colleges and etc

Scouts: MLB, Mexican League, Can-Am League, Frontier League,

Scout connections in Japan: NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), Shinkoku Island League (Indy ball), The Route Inn Baseball Challenge League (Indy ball) and Kansai Independent Baseball League (Indy ball).

Fees: $2,300 (2 players per room)

Application due date: February 1st,2019

Fees include:

  • Housing (21 nights)
  • Breakfast and Lunch (21 days)
  • Jersey and hat (Either rent or purchase)
  • Professional coaching fees
  • Transportations (from airport to hotel, hotel to fields)
  • Contract support

Not include:

  • Dinner (21 days)
  • Transportation from your home to Los Angeles or Arizona
  • Laundry
  • Passport fees and all other fees for your travel
  • Sport insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa fees for contracts

If you are interested in playing or scouting the Asian Breeze, please check out the following:

Asian Breeze Official Site (Additional Info and Application) HERE.

Desert League News

We recently received several press releases with more information on the Desert League’s inaugural season. The releases include an explanation of the league, a team announcement and some promotional events.

desert league logo


The Desert Professional Baseball League, Inc. will become the only professional independent baseball league to play in the United States during the Fall and Winter months-starting their first season on September 24th.

The brainchild of former independent player Luke Powell of San Diego, the Desert League will center around the Yuma, Arizona area-an area with tens of thousands of part-time winter visitors seeking the sunny and warm climates of southern Arizona and California.

Dedicated to giving players a second chance at playing professional baseball, each of the four inaugural teams will have a mandated 12 rookie roster rule since the league is looking for players overlooked in the June draft and who have not been able to catch on with summer independent and professional teams.

All four teams will be located within an hour’s distance of each other making travel expenses minuscule and the league will offer compensation and medical coverage for the 8-week season.

Teams will be announced shortly along with promotions guaranteed to make waves and news throughout the country according to Marketing Director John Guy.

The league will hold their Training Camp in Chandler, Arizona from September 15th thru the 19th and information can be obtained by visiting the league website at www.desertleague.com.


The Desert Professional Baseball League, Inc. is excited to announce the admission of the San Luis Dorados baseball club as the first of their teams for the 2016 inaugural season.

The Dorados will be managed by former professional Francisco Javier Villegas-a veteran of 14 minor league seasons that reached to the top of the Mexican League with the Mexico City Reds. He also played two seasons in the New York Yankees organization. His father Francisco will be assisting. He is a former scout for both the Mexican League and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Together they operate a baseball academy in San Luis, Sonora, Mexico called Sueno

The Dorados hope to play on both sides of the border during their season as the Mexican side hosts the San Luis Cottonmen of the Liga Norte de México-a minor league of the Mexican League. The Mexican city is building a new stadium while the Arizona side plays at Joe Orduno Park.


Snowbirds beware! John Guy, the Marketing Director of the Desert Baseball League,Inc. has set a trap for you and if you are a baseball fan, you’ll have to pay $5 to see some of the wacky promotions this inaugural season.

Beginning September 24th and running through November 22nd, the only professional independent winter league will feature the following (barring a court order…):

NORTH KOREA NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK – everyone gets a single grain of rice
WITNESS RELOCATION NIGHT – come out and meet Jimmy Hoffa in the flesh!
DATE NIGHT – everyone receives a date from the Yuma date farms
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE NIGHT – free tater tots for everyone!
INCARCERATION NIGHT – salute Arizona DOC with Johnny Cash!
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE NIGHT – no stress and no loud noises
MOM ALWATS LIKED YOU BEST NIGHT – a tribute to the Smothers Brothers

More special nights saluting the Armed Forces, South Park, Breaking Bad, Ghostbusters, Zombies, the Blues Brothers, Kim Jong-un, Canada, the Upper Midwest, psychics, clowns gone bad, Animal House and the Church Lady.

Be prepared. The man who gave us such promotions as Ted Williams Popsicle Night, Lost Luggage Night and mimes doing instant replays has plenty of off-beat ideas swirling in his head and he’s bringing them to life for fans in Yuma, San Luis and Imperial County.