Book Review: The Only Rule Is It Has To Work

Everyone thinks that they can run a baseball team better than the professionals.

Stats tell a story, but do they really tell the whole story when trying to put together a baseball team or creating a game plan against your opponents?

Two sabermetric writers were given the chance to put their thoughts and statistics to the test in a real life game of fantasy baseball thanks to the Pacific Association and the Sonoma Stompers.

the only rule

The book, The Only Rule Is It Has To Work, follows Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller as they help assemble the 2015 Sonoma Stompers while using advance sabermetrics to dicate the team’s moves all season long.

The book, told in chapters alternating between Ben and Sam’s point of views, gives you a great look into the Stompers and how statistics can both help and hurt a team. They are extremely objective when covering their summer of statistically driven, real-life fantasy baseball.

While the stats might bring in most readers, it’s also an in-depth, well-told story about a team full of characters (aren’t all baseball teams!) that come together on a roller-coaster ride through the hardships of independent baseball.

Will a team of misfits, most found using a spreadsheet, come together and succeed in the Pacific Association, or will they fall behind and finish last because baseball shouldn’t be all about numbers?

As a more personalized version of MoneyBall, this book has a little something for everyone.

For more information or to buy the book, check our the official website HERE.


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