Thoroughbred League All-Star Game Set For Friday

Although the new Thoroughbred League has not gone as smoothly as planned, the league is still up and running.

On Friday July 14th, the league will be holding their first Homerun Derby and All-Star game at the Eagle Sports Complex in Nicholasville, KY.

The Homerun Derby will take place at 4:45pm with the All-Star game starting shortly after at 7:05pm.


There will be two All-Star teams made up of members from all six teams in the Thoroughbred League.

The two teams will be the Red All-Star team, managed by Scott Nathanson (manager of the Mustangs) and the Blue All-Star team, managed by Sandy DeLeon (manager of the Stallions).

Congratulations to all of the Thoroughbred League All-Stars!

Red All-Star team roster:

Joe Jones
Connor Kelly
Justin Lemanski
Brian Bilello
Chris Allen
Bryan Hoover
Jonathan Piniero
Nicholas Jewett
Brandon Cooksey
Jacob Fabry
Eric Gutierrez
Robbie Ingram
Michael Sanchez
Ryan Dickt
Gerardo Torres
Jeremy Delgado
Nicholas Marigny
Collin Carroll
Sheehan Planas-Arteaga
Ryan Adams
Jose Fernandez
Tony Holt
Elijah Briseno
Jamiel Orozco
James Wong
Omar Llapur
Ryan Cooper
Franklin Romero
Alex Kinch
Kyle Richards

Blue All-Star team roster:

Ricky Martinez
Yuki Maeda
Maximo Rivera
Josue Herrera
Andre Solomon
Henry Blanco
Harold Rosario
Bryan Ferguson
Angel Mejia
Augustin Septimo
Jameson McGrane
Gio Abreau
Robert Peck
Ray Lanners
Cory Slater
Herny Blanco
Danny Arroyo
Dylan Sprague
Yuya Kasahara
Tom Nagy
Ryan Santhon
Evin Lynch
Nick Bozman
Aaron Marshall
Josh Wong
Andres Coll
Josh Wong
Blake Lishka
Brandon Turner
James Dockery
Bud Morton

I know this hasn’t all gone as planned, and it has been a bit of a rough ride for you guys… but you are all very deserving of the All-Star honor!

13 thoughts on “Thoroughbred League All-Star Game Set For Friday”

  1. “… but you are all very deserving of the All-Star honor!”

    Based on? Name recognition?

    One would guess that stats are needed to determine All-Star selections.

    There aren’t any individual stats (of significance) up at the website. And there was almost a week straight of rain-outs where all that downtime could have been dedicated to updating (or even starting) the stats.

    I mean “stats” are needed for player promotions, aren’t they? I think this is a huge disservice to players in this league hoping to be spotted by other indy leagues or affiliated clubs. How does a player promote oneself to a prospective taker when they can’t even point to stats to show how they’re doing?

    I really wanted this league to be successful. And on some items (housing, meals, etc.) it appears to be better than some other indy start-ups. But for other things such as timely paychecks, refunds of training camp fees, and up-to-date stats, this league is woefully inadequate.


    1. Based on… I follow this league and know many guys that are playing, so I know what has been happening during games. They know their stats. The coaches there know the stats and how they’re playing. If they were chosen for the All-Star game by the managers, then they are deserving. Yes, it’s ridiculous stats aren’t posted for everyone to see right now, but are you trying to tell guys on this list they shouldn’t be proud of what they’ve done just because you don’t know what they did?


  2. Kayla,

    I didn’t say they weren’t deserving, did I? But, I will say it doesn’t mean much when one-out-of-two players are tagged as “All-Stars”. You understand that 60 “All-Stars” in a league of 100-120 is kind of laughable.

    The issue is, how do the people that matter most (not me, not you, not the fans — GMs/managers in other leagues) fairly evaluate the players? And what do players point to if they are trying to promote themselves?

    Are you suggesting that players tell GMs/managers they “know” their stats or take pictures of the hardcopy scorebooks with their iPhones and say “here! look how good I’m doing!”? That’s ridiculous.

    And how is it that stats aren’t available? How does that happen in “professional” baseball?

    I’m sure some of these guys are doing well and deserving of recognition. Or even more, like a promotion to a higher-level league. But they are getting screwed, in my opinion.

    Unless you believe (and maybe you can ask, since you “know many guys”) that no one is the least bit interested in a promotion and they all want to play in Kentucky the entire season. If so, then you’re correct — publicly-available stats mean jack.


    1. There are some players who probably don’t care… let’s be honest a lot know they aren’t moving up. But, I never said that it’s okay that the stats weren’t posted. I said that it is ridiculous. I have no idea why they aren’t. I don’t work there or run anything… if I did, the stats would be posted. The guys who need to be seen deserve it and they have nothing to show for it. I’m not okay with it either. Clearly it’s not a concern to the league as it’s been brought up over and over again. But the boys keep playing which is their decision at this point.


  3. Congratulations to all the all stars. Last year the USPBL only had 3 teams of about 90 players and had 2 all star teams of about 30. The Thoroughbred League has 6 teams and about 160 players And has 2 teams of 30. I’ve been to 2 separate weekends of games and they have many very talented players coaches and the owner cares about the baseball quality. They had initial tryouts, mid season cuts, a post MLB draft tryout with player additions. All of These teams and players are very good now and the all stars are the very best of all of them as judged by the all the coaches. The coaches keep books every game. I agree it would be helpful to have full stats but believe they will post them at some point. Congrats to all the players in the league for making it on a team and through the season to this point! congrats especially to the all stars!


  4. How many promotions besides 2 pitchers & a catcher in June have occurred in this league?

    Do you think that has something to do with lack-of-stats, especially for position players?

    The issue isn’t whether there’s a 1-to-2 or 1-to-2.5 ratio of “All-Stars” to total players.

    Nor is anyone disputing the talent level in this league. Quite the opposite — if there is talent, showcase it with stats.

    The league needs to get its $#!t together.


  5. Can you give us some details of what had gone wrong in the thoroughbred baseball league. When I read about the plan I thought it was a pipe dream doomed for failure.


      1. There are some stats posted but not all, they have been paid some and plans for continued pay and return of tyrout fees, there arent as many fans yet becaus the owner has focused only on baseball and players and getting that set up right first. Hes supporting the league this first year and im sure will get more fans the second year as it decelops… so many people on this blog are out to fry this league. Just breath and be patient. It seems pretty special so far as far as new league go. Dallas Murphy could have started with 3 teams like in USPBL but chose to start with double that or 6! Hes paid for all the housing to date as well!


      2. I’ve heard some really not great things from a few players that chose to leave because they just couldn’t afford to support themselves anymore… and I’ve heard some good things from players still there. I am in no way out to get the league, but changes need to be made and promises need to be kept if this league is going to survive past this year.


  6. Dallas Murphy houses the players in the hotel that he owns. No one from this area even heard about this league when it started up. But, everyone knows about Dallas Murphy and knows he scams people. He has a convicted felon as one of the coaches as well. All this guy does is put a black eye on baseball in central Kentucky.

    He is only doing this because his little boy needed a place to play because he couldn’t hack it in the Desert League.

    I swear it seems the only ones saying positive things about this league are the guys who are running the league posing as others on this blog.


  7. If he is supporting the league this year and is not working on getting fans, he is going to be supporting the league himself next year too, if it is still around. Focusing only on getting the baseball right and not getting fans either shows no intention to go beyond a first year or a complete lack of any business knowledge. It’s not one or the other, you have to do both to have a chance to be successful. The fans don’t only generate gate and concessions revenue themselves but also give companies a reason to pay for advertising. If there are no fans, then why would a company choose to spend their ad dollars there?

    From the start, this was a strange league. Very little promotion up until right before it started and even then, there was not much promotion. Close to the end of the season now and still no stats or complete rosters. I will reference back to Kayla’s initial Q&A in March: “ Live stats and game tracking will occur every game every time without exception. You can’t help guys move up if the stats are 3 weeks behind or never occur at all.” Yes, exactly.

    Why not get some interns from UK or one of the other area college’s sports marketing programs to promote the league, keep up the website, etc? If you can’t pay them, see if you can work with their school to get them course credit. Why not place 6 local community names with the team names for promotion so that fans of those communities can have a team to call their own and have a rooting interest and reason to come to the games?

    In reference to the USPBL, they started with 3 teams because that is what the owner determined he could legitimately support during the first year. This was after spending a couple of years lining up a stadium being built, working with and landing major advertisers and creating adequate lead time to promote the league. Why did the TBL start with 6 – because that is what they thought they could successfully support or the owner just liked the sound of 6 teams? Starting with 6 instead of 3 or 4 isn’t a mark of success if it prevents you from doing the other things that make a league successful.

    Hopefully, they are able to somehow work things out and ultimately be successful because it is giving additional players a chance. But right now it looks like if you take the Ozarks league from a couple of years ago and change the name of Phil Wilson to Dallas Murphy, you get the Thoroughbred League


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