Japanese Indy Ball News, Agreement with South Florida Winter League

First, we would like to introduce you to Indy Ball Island – Japan. This site will be geared towards players in Japan (and those who speak/read Japanese) who want to learn more about independent baseball, both in Japan and here in the United States. Over the last year, this site has gained a following in Japan, but it was often difficult for players to translate what was happening.  This site will feature translated articles from Indy Ball Island as well as other Japanese baseball news.

Next, the South Florida Winter League (SFWL) has announced an official partnership with the Shikoku Island League – an independent league based on the island of Shikoku in Japan.


The SFWL will be home to the official tryout and showcase of the professional Japanese baseball Shikoku Island League.

SFWL will have a full week training and scouting by the Japanese scouts at our Dodgertown camp.

There will also be an open tryout on Sunday November 6th for anybody who is not a member of the SFWL

This opportunity is brought to you by SFWL partnering with Shikoku island league of Japan to give you the best opportunities to play professional basebal around the world.

Registration is now open for the SFWL’s next camp being held from October 26th to November 19th in Dodgertown.

Information from their website:

We will have managers,coaches, player recruiters and scouts from the leagues listed below
MLB.                               International.
Atlantic League.             Shikoku Island League.
American Association.     Mexico.
Can am League.                 Australia.
Frontier League.                 Colombia.
United Shores League.      Nicaragua.
Pacific Association

The fee is $2300. That includes, housing,Breakfast, training,games,uniforms, athletic trainers onsite, transportation if needed from West Palm Beach airport on the 26th 


24 – 7 access to the gym and indoor batting cages, professional instruction by professional coaches.


 Housing and everything included is at the complex.


 Daily Schedule :

Breakfast 6 – 745 am.  

Report to field at 8am 

Morning training activities 8 – 11 am. 

Lunch 11 – 1245 pm 

 Report to field for games  from 1245 – 4pm. 

 Nightly classes emphasizing different aspects in professional baseball 



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