Chinese Pro Baseball League Looking For Pitchers

One of my overseas contacts recently emailed me inquiring about pitchers.

The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) is looking for a few foreign pitchers to complete their rosters.


The CPBL, established in 1989, is the top-tier pro baseball league in Taiwan. The league has four different teams and averages about 6,000 fans each game. The regular season, which started in March, consists of 120 games (split into 60 games each half).

It is often hard for a foreign player to break into the CPBL due to roster rules.  A team cannot have more than four foreign players and only three of the four are allowed to be on the active major league roster at any time; However, the other player will still be allowed to practice with the team or play with their minor league team. Foreign positions are normally filled by AA, AAA, or Japanese minor leaguers.

The typical monthly salary for a foreign player in the CPBL is anywhere between $5,000-$12,000 USD with housing being provided.

Any pitchers seriously interested in playing in the CPBL should be throwing at least 90 mph, have good stamina, and have a good personality.

Any pitcher interested should contact Fujitsuka Takumi at either: or



3 thoughts on “Chinese Pro Baseball League Looking For Pitchers”

    1. Their season just got underway, and I’m pretty sure they’re not looking for anyone else at the moment. I’ll be talking to two Americans I know over there soon to see how they’re liking the experience so far though!


      1. Ok great! Thanks for the info. I will email the contact above. Please keep me posted on any updates in regards to playing ball in Japan. Thanks!


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