The Heartland of America Baseball League is Done… At Least for This Year

According to Jeff Kessinger of the CC Headliner, the Heartland of America Baseball League (HoABL) has officially left Ozark. In an article posted today, June 19th, Kessinger confirmed with manager Bart Zeller that the league is done for the 2015 season.

Players arrived in Ozark to begin preseason work at the beginning of June and league organizers told local media that the league’s first games would be held July 4. But sources informed the Headliner News earlier this week that those players were sent home. Bart Zeller, manager of the Heartland League’s Ozark Zephyrs, confirmed that June 19.

“The players were told to go home until further notice,” Zeller said. “There was no time limit given.”

Zeller himself is headed out of state.

“If I had to make a guess, I would say (the league) probably won’t happen this year,” Zeller said.

However, the Headliner reports that there still may be good news coming out of Ozark.  The Ozark Pro Baseball league is still planning on playing games starting next month and is still in talks with the owners of Price Cutter Park.

You can read the entire article from the CC Headliner HERE.


3 thoughts on “The Heartland of America Baseball League is Done… At Least for This Year”

  1. Today July 13, 2015 Players on the Ozark professional baseball league have been told the league is folding. To wait for tomorrow for updates. But if they don’t get the money the league’s done.


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