How Baseball Saved My Life

Tim Henry, who I recently did a story on HERE, has written his own post about how baseball has saved his life. It is a great story and an inspiring read.

Tim Henry

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some technical difficulties recently trying to upload my first and very own video.  Therefore, you will just have to bear with me and read what was meant to be a video of an extended conversation about the interview questions Mr. Motivational Nuggets, aka CJ Beatty, asked me in his latest motivational baseball video on YouTube, “Baseball Saved My Life.”

Regardless, I wanted to post my own video of a personal interview in effort to not only spend more time answering the questions Cj had asked me in “Baseball Saved My Life”, but also talk a bit more about my experience so far living and playing oversees here in Australia, why I reached out to CJ in the first place to want to do a video and clarify exactly how baseball saved my life.

Question 1:  “What age did you figure out baseball was your heart?  And Why?

It was definitely…

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