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The Thoroughbred Baseball League

New season, new start ups. It’s about that time of the year where new independent leagues seem to be popping up all over the country.

The Thoroughbred Baseball League, based out of Lexington, Kentucky, seems to be the one gaining the most buzz around the independent baseball world.


Thoroughbred League Mission
“We are committed as a group and as individuals to help players advance their game by affording opportunities to advance through the ranks of professional baseball. The players will always come first, without them the game doesn’t exist.”

From their website, it appears as though the league will consist of six teams, each with 25 players per team.  All of the teams will play at the Eagle Sports Plex which has two professional baseball fields. (Indy Ball Island has not been able to find any additional information on this complex.)

The league has a 55 game schedule along with an All-Star game and homerun derby.  They also state that all players will be paid on a weekly basis.

The website has a link to sign up for training camp registration (the cost – if accepted into training camp – is $590) as well as information regarding the training camp on their main page.

The inaugural training tryout camp will begin May 30th 2017-June 2nd 2017.
The training camp will consist of players who have either been recommended, been invited from a pre-camp tryout or have been verified by staff. These players will initially check in to camp at 7:00 am on May 30th. Each player will receive color specific and numbered jersey for camp. Each player will then be ran through a pro style workout to record their 60 time and receive a grade from the training camp staff as well as team managers.

At 2pm on May 30th a tryout roster will be posted at the tryout complex where each candidate will be placed on a team which he will remain throughout the tryout camp process. These teams will compete against one another in modified game situations through the balance of the training tryout camp.

On Friday evening June 2nd, a posting will be made of all six Thoroughbred League rosters. These rosters will be the chosen teams for the summer 2017 season.

Each roster will consist of 25 players each. Each team will consist of the following: 19 of the rostered players may have professional experience, however 6 players on each roster may have zero professional experience. Each team having 6 true rookies will be different from all other professional leagues. Having 6 true rookies per squad will allow guys who have not been drafted or who are new graduates the ability to begin their professional career.

Immediately following roster postings each player will be signed to their professional contract to the Thoroughbred League and fill out payroll paperwork with the leagues payroll company. This is real professional baseball ALL PLAYERS WILL BE PAID WEEKLY! Each player must have with them at signing, proper identification in order to sign contract as well as payroll documents.

On Saturday June 3rd, there will be a dinner for all 6 teams to meet and greet with the local communities. Players at this time will be invited to sign autographs etc. Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th Teams will be allowed practice times and uniforms as well as equipment will be distributed by your team managers and coaches. Each player will receive BP uniform, as well as a home and away uniform.

Cost of training camp is $590 USD per player. Players are responsible for all personal expenses during camp. Please click on Registration tab to register. You will be contacted as soon as you are accepted. (NOTE) NOT ALL PLAYERS WILL BE ACCEPTED TO TRAINING CAMP, PLEASE DO NOT CLICK PAY UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIRMED. YOU HOWEVER WILL NOT BE FULLY REGISTERED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED, SPOTS ARE LIMITED BASED ON NEED, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMING YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AND MAY PAY AT THAT TIME.

Honestly, it seems as though we’ve heard this information countless times over the last few years about a new start up league. I have reached out to Dallas Murphy (presumably the owner, as his name is listed first on the staff directory) to see if he is willing to answer any questions players or myself may have for him. Please comment on here or email (kaymthompson@gmail.com) any questions you may have for the league.