North Country Baseball League Folds

As first reported by WWNY TV 7  from northern New York, the North Country Baseball League has folded after just one season.

If you recall, the North Country Baseball League (NCBL) was formed after the East Coast Baseball League (ECBL) folded before ever having a game last season.

After Collin Cummins decided to fold the ECBL during spring training, Bruce Zicari, the Watertown Bucks owner, took it upon himself as the only independent owner in the ECBL to create a league of his own – the NCBL. He wanted to give the players who had made the trip up north a chance to play.

The NCBL consisted of four teams – The Watertown Bucks,  Old Orchard Beach Surge, Newburgh Newts and the traveling Road City Explorers; However halfway through the season, the Newburg Newts lost their home field and become a second travel team.

“I’ve spent the last three or four months actively trying to find homes for our two traveling teams, the Newburgh Newts and the Road City Explorers, and unfortunately, I have just not been able to find a home for either one of them. Trying to do like the season like we did last year with two traveling teams is really financially impossible,” Zicari told WWNY TV 7.

“I’m afraid the North Country Baseball League and the Bucks specifically are out of business,” he said.

In Zicari’s defense, it is amazing that the league ran one full season at all. There was little to no support, marketing, or set business plan. It really was a league put together to try to salvage something for the players and coaches who were already there.  And even with all the issues, there was baseball being played in the North Country Baseball League, if only for one summer.



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