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Levi Martinez – American Hero Playing America’s Pastime

Hello my name is Levi Martinez, and I am an 8 year US Navy Veteran. I have had many challenges in life over the years. I’ve been deployed three times to the Middle East and one tour to Central America. I’ve been through US Special forces training and have earned 2 masters degrees. But my passion has always been baseball.
In 2015, I was injured in an IED explosion in the Middle East – breaking my back in 3 places, and breaking my left throwing arm so sever it popped out of the skin. I spent the next 6 months in a body cast and then the next 2.5 years learning how to throw right handed because I knew some day that I wanted to try and play pro baseball.  I never gave up hope or lost sight of my goal.
In 2019, I attended a pro tryout in Dallas, Texas where I met Joe Torre. Joe gave me a chance to compete and attend spring training in Florida where I am continuing my path to becoming a professional baseball player.
Never give up hope or let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, or let your environment contain you from growing out of it.
Be ready for change and accept failure, but never give up