Indy Ball Tryouts


Here is a list of current independent baseball tryouts and instructional leagues. I will try to update as often as possible when new tryouts come to my attention. Players – be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently.



The 2023 Frontier League Tryout Camp will be held at GCS Credit Union Ballpark, home of the Gateway Grizzlies.


The workouts officially begin at 9:00 AM on April 24 and will feature running, fielding and throwing drills for infielders, outfielders, and catchers, and batting practice for position players while pitchers will throw 15-20 pitch bullpens.  Following the first day, the field managers will post a list of players invited back for inter-squad games on April 25.  At the conclusion of the games, action will break for 30 minutes as clubs and prepare for the draft.  

All players attending the Tryout Camp and Draft will receive analytic data of their performance, including pitch speed and spin rates for pitchers and launch angles and exit velocities for hitters. 

Over the past 12 years, an average of 36 players per year are signed by Frontier League teams out of the Tryout Camp and Draft, with many others signed by other independent leagues.  MLB organizations have signed players from each of the past eight Tryout Camps.

GCS Credit Union Ballpark is located at exit 15 off I-255 in Illinois, 30 minutes from St. Louis Lambert International Airport. 

Players must be at least 18 years old to play in the Frontier League.
Click here to view our player classification and eligibility requirements.

Gateway Grizzlies

The Gateway Grizzlies will be hosting tryouts at GCS Credit Union Ballpark for players for the 2023 Frontier Season.  Please sign up for the corresponding tryout below.

Spring Tryout – April 1st, 2023
5:45pm check-in
Cost: $80

2023 Spring Tryout Form

Post Draft Tryout – July 29th, 2023

2023 Post Draft Tryout Form

Fall Tryout – September 23rd, 2023

2023 Fall Tryout Form

Evansville Otters

FL Tryout EVV 2023

Register HERE

Florence Y’alls

Looking for an opportunity to play pro-ball? Register now for our Open Tryouts on April 17th to show what you’ve got.
Our tryouts will be here at Thomas More Stadium.
Registration will begin at 2:30pm and the tryouts will start at 3:30pm.
Click the link below to register & then email for our waiver form.



The Pioneer League will hold tryouts in both Florida (March 30-April 2) and Arizona (April 17-20) for the upcoming 2023 season. 

Click HERE for more information. 


The Empire League holds multiple tryouts and showcases throughout the year, for more information about specific showcases including dates/times/cost, please check out the link below



Florida League, Texas, North East League (New Jersey), Professional Spring Training Trip across the country.

The Black Sox baseball league has leagues and workouts in Florida, Texas and New Jersey. There will also be opportunities to join the traveling Black Sox team that plays against various professional teams during their respective spring training schedules or to play in the Yinzer Baseball League that will be played in Washington, PA for the 202 season.

The Black Sox Baseball League was created as a competitive league for players who have or are looking to obtain contracts to play professional baseball in 2022. The purpose of the league is to guide professional grade players to the destination that will allow them to advance their professional career.

For more information or to register – Black Sox Baseball 



38 thoughts on “Indy Ball Tryouts”

    1. It’s a winter league. You pay a lot of money, they promise scouts will be there, some guys get signed, most get released during spring training… honestly the same thing that happens everywhere.


    1. Those vary with different league rules. Frontier is 27. The United Shore has an age limit (I think…) and everyone else really doesn’t. The Pecos claims to have one, but older players still play in the league if approved.


  1. Hi Ms. Thompson I’m a ball player with various scholarships to play college baseball at the moment. I’m 23 years old though and my dream is to play in Japan. Will any independent Japanese Baseball League teams be hosting tryouts in America? I’m from Florida so if they were in the south that would be preferable. I’m really just trying to find the right scouting event to attend.


  2. There is a Post-Draft tryout for the Frontier League, being hosted by the Evansville Otters and Joliet Slammers on Monday, June 17th in Westfield, IN. An Arizona Diamondbacks rep will also be in attendance. Email for tryout flyer is attached below.


  3. I can’t get there but I was signed by the Newly formed southwest league of professional baseball January and it never happened: verified at 96 at the Atlantic league tryout. I played JUCO and NBC but having a hard time getting a look because I have no professional experience.


  4. Is there an age limit for any of the leagues? And are there any walk on tryouts? I played on Amateur league here in Pinellas county Florida and attended a Indy pro showcase a couple years ago. I know that I have what it takes to get to the minors and then the major leagues but I keep getting over looked by scouts.


  5. hey my name is edwin rodriguez I was playin for the phillies around 6 years int he minor league system and I am looking for a opportunity I from dominican republic


  6. Do not go to the Prospect Dugout tryout in FL. I went this past year and it was awful. They admit way too many people and then don’t know how to organize them all. They tried to force people to leave by requiring you be at the field 7 hours before your game. You’ll be in front of a scout for at most 5 minutes the entire time. Save your money and go to a smaller workout.


  7. Hi my name is reed jones I’m 20 yrs old from Maryland and am looking to further myself in the leaugue I’ve played for fifteen years throughout high school and public leagues I was always the fastest runner have a beautiful natural curve when I pitch could hit the ball and steal a base and play outfield like Nobody’s business please if any one has anything that would help contact me at 410-463-2489 or email me


  8. Mexican Leagues WILL be playing this Spring. There are 14 leagues UNDER the AAA Mexican League seeking players. American Torque Sports will be conducting tryouts for players interested in playing South of the Border. JANUARY 30th in Yuma, Arizona and JANUARY 31st in Chandler, Arizona. Those with Hispanic names or heritage are considered non-imports in Mexican baseball. Contracts range all the way up to $10,000 a month plus all expenses. We will have Mexican scouts from teams and leagues at these tryouts and players should be prepared to sign contracts. Registration on-line is $100 and $125 at the gate. Both tryouts are limited to 40 players and once we reach that mark then registrations will be cut off. Each session is 6 hours long (from 10 am to 4 pm) and you will receive lunch and a t-shirt. Go to and get signed up today!


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