Indy Ball Tryouts


Here is a list of current independent baseball tryouts and instructional leagues. I will try to update as often as possible when new tryouts come to my attention. Players – be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently!


Evansville Otters
Joliet Slammers
Saturday, March 21 Hitters 8:30 AM
Pitchers 11:30 AM
$75.00 Bosse Field
23 Don Mattingly Way
Evansville, IN 4711
Evansville Otters
Joliet Slammers
(more information)
Saturday, April 4 Hitters 8:30 AM
Pitchers 11:30 AM
$100.00 ECTB Stadium/Bicentennial Park
1008 South Howard Street
Allentown, PA 18103
Sussex County Miners
(more information)
Thursday, April 16
Friday, April 17
8:00 AM registration
9:00 AM start
$150.00 online
$175.00 walk-up
Skylands Stadium
94 Championship Place
Augusta, NJ 07822
Florence Y’alls
(more information)
Monday, April 20 10:00 AM $65.00 online
$80.00 walk-up
UC Health Stadium
7950 Freedom Way
Florence, KY 41042
Windy City ThunderBolts
Monday, June 15 9:30 AM $60.00 Ozinga Field
14011 S. Kenton Avenue
Crestwood, IL 60418



Four-day professional baseball tryouts scheduled for Florida and Arizona with guaranteed offers of contracts
– The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB), in conjunction with Prospect
Dugout, today announced it will host two Professional Baseball Tryout Mini-Camps in this spring, 2020 in conjunction with Prospect Dugout.
The first mini-camp will take place at the Boombah Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla. from March 30 – April 2. The second mini-camp will follow at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Ariz. From April 6 – 9.

To learn more information and register for the mini-camp tryouts, please CLICK HERE.

The OFFICIAL tryout for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

34 guaranteed contracts!!!

At our 4-day tryout, for less than $200/day you will spend 8+ hours EACH day in front of professional managers and MLB scouts that have the ability to sign you on the spot!

These 5 MLB teams have already confirmed their attendance! We fully expect all 30 MLB teams to be represented!

Registration is $799 for our 4-day event.
SECURE YOUR SPOT TODAY FOR ONLY $199 when you sign up using our payment plan option! Use the coupon code PROSPECTDUGOUT and save $50 when you sign up TODAY!

Registration for our 2020 pro baseball tryouts is made simple with Team Snap. Choose your event location, create your free profile on Team Snap, and complete registration. You can even add RegSaver insurance to protect your investment.

With a small downpayment of $199, choose our payment plan option to secure your spot NOW and pay later!

4-day tryout camp DAILY ITINERARY

  • 9am: On-field batting practice to showcase your hitting skills
  • 1030am: On-field defensive reps to showcase your defensive skills
  • 1230pm: Live gameplay to showcase your playing ability
    • Each day will feature 2 different ALPB managers at your field
    • Hitters will get 4 to 5 at-bats each day during live gameplay
      • That’s 16-20 at-bats during the event
    • Pitchers will each have two live outings, facing 24 batters over 4 innings
      • Pitchers will not have to pitch back-to-back days
    • 4-days of access to other professional managers, coaches, and personnel
      • Our 2019 event had 12 MLB scouts, and coaches and team representatives from every major Independent organization in the USA, as well as clubs from Mexico and Japan
  • Personal skills evaluation and results sheet
  • Official mini-camp hat and shirt

To learn more information and register for the mini-camp tryouts, please CLICK HERE.


April 15 & 16, 2020

 AirHogs Stadium, 1600 Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX

Wednesday, April 15
Registration: 9:00 a.m.
Tryouts: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 16
Tryout resumes at 9:00 a.m. until finished

Registration Form: Click Here (Coming Soon)

Fee:       $200.00 (Payment Link Coming Soon)


  • Two-day guaranteed tryout
  • Representatives from all 12 American Association clubs will be present
  • Draft will be held following 2nd day
  • Players will be evaluated in bullpen sessions, infield/outfield, batting practice and live games

Player Requirements

  • Players will be required to sign liability waiver at registration
  • Players must be 18 years old and completed high school and not be a current member of a college baseball team
  • Players must wear baseball caps, baseball pants and baseball cleats/turf shoes
  • Hitters must provide own wood bats
  • Catchers must provide own protective equipment
  • Batting helmets and balls will be provided
  • Players should be available for both days of the tryout

Saturday, May 2
Location: Milkmen Stadium, 7035 S. Ballpark Drive, Franklin, WI
Times: 8:30 a.m. registration for pitchers and catchers; tryout begins at 9 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. for all position players; tryout begins at 11:00 a.m.
Fees: $75.00 for walk ups, $50.00 if you pre-register online by May 1
Special Instructions: Players trying out must choose to tryout as either a pitcher or positional player (including catcher). Players must be between 18-37 years old and not currently enrolled in college. Players must wear a baseball cap and baseball pants/sweatpants. Position players must bring own wood bats and gloves. Catchers must bring own gear.

Tuesday, May 5

Location: CHS Field, 360 Broadway Street, St. Paul, MN
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Fees: Free
Special Instructions: Come baseball ready. Please bring own glove, wood bat, and shoes.
Registration: Online registration will be posted soon
Contact: Sean Aronson (651-288-9882 or


Florida League, Texas, North East League (New Jersey), Professional Spring Training Trip across the country.

The Black Sox baseball league has leagues and workouts in Florida, Texas and New Jersey. There will also be opportunities to join the traveling Black Sox team that plays against various professional teams during their respective spring training schedules.

The Black Sox Baseball League was created as a competitive league for players who have or are looking to obtain contracts to play professional baseball in 2020. The purpose of the league is to guide professional grade players to the destination that will allow them to advance their professional career.

For more information or to register – Black Sox Baseball League.





An updated list of tryouts for the 2020 Pecos League can be found HERE.

(One day tryouts, Western League (winter league) and Spring League tryouts all listed).



Which Winter League is right for you? Check out the post HERE for a breakdown of winter leagues.

32 thoughts on “Indy Ball Tryouts”

    1. It’s a winter league. You pay a lot of money, they promise scouts will be there, some guys get signed, most get released during spring training… honestly the same thing that happens everywhere.


    1. Those vary with different league rules. Frontier is 27. The United Shore has an age limit (I think…) and everyone else really doesn’t. The Pecos claims to have one, but older players still play in the league if approved.


  1. Hi Ms. Thompson I’m a ball player with various scholarships to play college baseball at the moment. I’m 23 years old though and my dream is to play in Japan. Will any independent Japanese Baseball League teams be hosting tryouts in America? I’m from Florida so if they were in the south that would be preferable. I’m really just trying to find the right scouting event to attend.


  2. There is a Post-Draft tryout for the Frontier League, being hosted by the Evansville Otters and Joliet Slammers on Monday, June 17th in Westfield, IN. An Arizona Diamondbacks rep will also be in attendance. Email for tryout flyer is attached below.


  3. I can’t get there but I was signed by the Newly formed southwest league of professional baseball January and it never happened: verified at 96 at the Atlantic league tryout. I played JUCO and NBC but having a hard time getting a look because I have no professional experience.


  4. Is there an age limit for any of the leagues? And are there any walk on tryouts? I played on Amateur league here in Pinellas county Florida and attended a Indy pro showcase a couple years ago. I know that I have what it takes to get to the minors and then the major leagues but I keep getting over looked by scouts.


  5. hey my name is edwin rodriguez I was playin for the phillies around 6 years int he minor league system and I am looking for a opportunity I from dominican republic


  6. Do not go to the Prospect Dugout tryout in FL. I went this past year and it was awful. They admit way too many people and then don’t know how to organize them all. They tried to force people to leave by requiring you be at the field 7 hours before your game. You’ll be in front of a scout for at most 5 minutes the entire time. Save your money and go to a smaller workout.


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