Thoroughbred League Playoffs? What Happened The Rest of the Season?

Today starts the Thoroughbred League playoffs… although I doubt anyone knows that except the players, coaches, and maybe some of their 750 followers on the Facebook page where it was announced.

How are teams ranked for the playoffs?
What is the playoff format?

Well… none of that is really clear.

What happened during the regular season?

Well… stats aren’t updated on Pointstreak either.

And even if they were, you’d see that many games got rained out or canceled due to poor field conditions.

There have also been reports of players not getting paid what they were promised. From the information I’ve gathered, they’ve only been paid once and their tryout money hasn’t been returned. But at least the league does put players up in a hotel, so the guys aren’t living out of their cars.

Hardly any fan support, basically no stats, poor field conditions, little pay, broken promises, but yet… the league continues.

I’m sure the players are happy to be playing, but for what?

There are no stats to show higher leagues or affiliated organizations. No one except yourself and your coaches  know how you’re doing… at least I assume the players and the coaches know something we don’t.

Players don’t seem to be (publicly) complaining either unlike startup failures in the past.

So… the question there is why?

Have they been told not to speak out? Do they fear losing out on the promised pay that they have yet to see? Or is it something else? Are they just enjoying it for what it is now?

It seems like every year, the same thing occurs: There’s a startup league, conditions are poor, there’s no pay, and then it fails or barely survives.

This has become the norm in low level indy ball.

And that has to stop.

To the players who are grinding it out just to play SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE to keep the dream alive, I respect you more than you know. You don’t deserve everything that you have to go through.


39 thoughts on “Thoroughbred League Playoffs? What Happened The Rest of the Season?”

  1. Ex player in this league and I got fckd over by sandy and spreading rumors about me how I just walked on the field some bullshit. Childish managers, a few of them chill with the players at bars and I’m sick of it never got paid nor got an inning when promised everyone gets innings.


  2. Thank you for writing this post. I think it serves a valuable function in allowing players, parents, and fans to know what to expect from this league going forward.


  3. We all knew this was happening and we all know it’s going to happen again and again so long as these players assert that the only thing keeping them from success in pro ball is the fact that they were never scouted. So they join these sick leagues. The reason they were never scouted is because they aren’t good enough to play pro ball. Alas, the “dream” part of the brain is bigger than the “common sense” part of it.

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    1. WRONG – many of these players were scouted and signed with the minors. BUT….you know the truth is that these fine athletes are treated like pigs and cattle ready to be butchered!!


  4. Non disclosure agreement in the contract. When asked about it at the start Dallas said that he would “Sue the shit out of anyone that said negative things about the league.” To my boys back in Kentucky, keep grinding don’t let this expensive father-son gift keep you from chasing the dream somewhere else. But I will give a heads up to anyone thinking of playing Indy ball, never attend anything that Juan is associated with. The guy is a piece of shit and everything you read when you google him and everything people say about him is true. Good luck guys I’ll see you around.


    1. An attorney in Kentucky has already been contacted. Strength in numbers. This so called league needs to be squashed!


      1. GREAT!!!!!he name of the attorney must be given to the players that were sooooooo scammed by Dallas Murphy; Horrible way to treat human beings.


    2. Is that non-disclosure worth anything if you haven’t been paid what was promised in the contract? I feel like the league wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in terms of breach of contract…


  5. The red flag to me was the $500 plus try out fee that was required
    Obviously just a money making scam
    Very sad people keep taking advantage of these players. I have dreamed of starting a small Indy league
    If I do it it will be done right!
    Dave Moore.


  6. Maria Valdes
    Every thing the comments cover and then more is what this so-called baseball league has hurt the players. Dallas Murphy took advantage and laughed all the way to the bank. Hopefully, the great state of Kentucky looks into his business dealings and do something about it.
    I with I had the investors and the people motivated for the love of the game to start a Indy league.


  7. Many of these replies seem like they are from players who are upset because they got cut! There are some excellent players in this league and unfortunately some do get cut. They had preseason cuts, initial cuts and mid season post draft cuts to improve rosters just like every indy league does; frontier, American, Atlantic have cuts and additions every week!
    Players; Don’t listen to people on these posts and don’t give up unless you feel you arent good enough or are not improving. From what I saw there are plenty of good players packed in this new league and they shouldnt give up. The owner created this league and gave many players an opportunity to continue on and many players appreciate that!
    The boys are following their dreams and probably didn’t complain because it was a great playing experience eventhough all pay hasn’t happened. I went to several weekends of games. The fields that I saw were incredible and in great condition. Kentucky had serious rain storms and flooding several times this summer – check the reports. Thats not the leagues fault. From what I know the players have been paid twice and their hotels are paid in full every week. Hopefully they get all their pay owed! The owner should pay them all of whats owed and return the tryout fee as they promised in writing and because it will help legitimize the league and gain popular next year if all pay is made.
    I went to several weekends of USPBL Games their first year as well. The player quality is virtually the same. Very good and the top players could easily succeed in the Frontier League from either league. USPBL only had scouts at games where the scouts made arrangements to have players put on teams so they could look at them and they got signed. They haven’t scouted the USPBL whole league yet. Both are new leagues and will get more attention as they develop further.


    1. In response to thinking that these posts are from upset players that were cut or not good enough, not true. I write on behalf of a player, previously signed with the minors, leader in stats in his team and an All-Star player. This league is a scam and owes each player over $1000 dollars which was promised upon signage. A semi-pro Indy league must be accountable just like every business, even if it’s a start-up. Dallas Murphy, owner, has deceived these player by promising their registration reimbursement ($590), their weekly salary which is only $100 and the promise to have scouting and exposure. Every player left disillusioned and deceived. For the love of the game does NOT mean to take advantage and make over $88,000 in fees collected from players who just want to play baseball and work hard for their dream. Shame on you, Dallas Murphy!


      1. Correction: Dallas Murphy collected $70,000 from the players for camp fee, to be refunded per contract signed.


    2. You have to be kidding me on field conditions….. Have you seen the batters boxes? You can’t even describe the holes in Inches? It’s feet! Players are afraid to slide in at second due to rocks and the bag popping up!! I’ve seen the ball hit lips in the field and smash infielders in the face. Bunts roll like an elementary school bowling birthday party with bumpers instead of gutters!! Outfielders hyperentending knees and ankles often in the cow pasture outfield. No field conditioner, clay, spike drag was every utilized. Wake up. Only year of this league mark my words. This will be exposed to all soon.


      1. Rob is probably one of the coaches in the league. Seems pretty sketchy on how the league is described by him.

        Here is what I do know:

        1. Umpires are owed money. I know one that is owed over $2k.
        2. Dallas threatens the players that he was an ex cop and will have his cop buddies make life miserable for them if they say anything negative.
        3. One umpire left before a game because he asked that Dallas pay his buddy who was owed 5 games. Dallas said sure, then as the umpire called his buddy to come collect a check, Dallas indicated he didn’t have the money.
        4. Another umpire had a bounced check from the league and will no longer work there.

        Dallas is a scam artist, always has been. He cares about himself and his son playing baseball. The coaches involved also are scam artist. They thought they could bring a con job to central Kentucky like they have done in other places. The problem is, this area is more of a small town atmosphere. The people in this area have integrity and don’t put up with folks who try to scam people.

        You guys that run this league want to keep posting lies on how well this league is, I will keep posting the truth that is out there.


      2. How about the dust in their faces because it was so dry? It isn’t clay! How about the actual players requesting to turn on the lights because it was getting dark? How about players going out drinking with some of the unprofessional coaches? The players names were not mentioned when going up to bat. One of the fields had the score and the other one didn’t. Family members were charged entrance fee because players couldn’t request comp seats. Horrible player conditions!


    3. Rob pretty much no one got cut. The league barely had enough people to start up a League that’s why they kept everyone initially. If they did get cut early which people did their very happy that their not here right now cause this place is crazy. Umpires didn’t get paid true. players got paid only 250 that’s true. And as far as I know unless coaches are lying about pay they haven’t gotten paid either. We’ve been here since late may thats crazy. Field conditions are not good their definitely not pro fields. And as far as the Uspbl goes they’ve had numbers of people get signed to affiliated teams More than a dozen in its first year. We can’t even get stats for our league put online let alone move people up to affiliate ball.That league is established and shouldn’t even be being talked about. As far as this league goes it’s been run badly and the majority have left willingly not being released left willingly cus it’s so bad. So bad to the point where coaches had to play and a player had to umpire cus their were not enough players or a umpire didn’t show up cus their was no money.


  8. The players that (will not be mentioned by name ) were NEVER CUT. Whomever forms a new league must have all the credentials and know exactly what they are doing. The young players who trust them deserve that. The tryout fee was promised in writing. Two payments in three months just does not feed anybody. The hotels were paid because Dallas Murphy will receive hell from the community, not because he cared about the wellbeing of the young men.
    I know there was a lot of rain in Nicholasville,( attended 5 weeks of games); the fields were not the greatest to begin with and the rain worsen the situation. By the way, I am not a player, I have just seen too much harm done by these independent leagues. It is a shame, we could do better….and I do wholeheartedly believe that these fine athletes should never give up, but demand honesty and professionalism.


  9. What Derek says is true. Also players are now getting kicked out of hotels for non payment. This was a scam groom the beginning and I honestly hope no players are sending him money for the so called Developmental League. This was a scam just like the Desert League..pretty much same coaches just a different leader but all a bunch of losers. How they sleep at night knowing they have stole from the guys is beyond me. I hope the players contact the State of Kentucky and file fraud complaints…


    1. Desert League sent a ton of players to other leagues. Desert League charged half as much and mAde every payroll until the end and then mailed several checks…Desert league has food in clubhouse and paid for taxi rides to the players for mexico games….I played in the league. They gave a way better effort on way less money….I got in desert league for 75 tryout in miami


  10. This league needs to pay the players and trying to rationlize why they haven’t been paid by saying that it is a first year league that not everything goes as planned, or they are just having fun playing and happy for opportunity to play is ridiculous. Glad to hear some people are sticking up for the players.


    1. August 5th and not a cent from the scum that Dallas Murphy is. He says he is a pastor ; a disgrace for those people who are honest.


  11. Interesting how now, for the first time, there’s a disclaimer on the Fall Registration screen that says that registration and tryout fees are non-refundable.

    I hope that players and their families considering going to Kentucky for Thoroughbred’s Fall Instructional League will read this and other blogs so they can ponder the risks in getting involved with this organization.


  12. Im not a coach or associated with the owner.
    I went to several weekends of games and am trying to be positive about the situation.
    Yes it seems like pay may not come but am trying to be positive hoping they will still return tryout fee and pay the weeks owed. Inknow coaches werent paid either what was owed. Coaches in Desert league got paid 6 mos later. I think TPBL are doingba training league in sept and planning on next year season. If Dallas wants either to succeed they better pay or no one will participate.
    Overall it was a great opportunity for boys to play pro ball. They had their rooms paid in full and that is huge. The talent was good from what i saw. I know several who had a good tome with it. Some coaches were better than others, some were great! They played the full Season through to playoffs and championship. They didnhave several rounds of cuts and i witnessed some players get cut one of the weekends i was there. They added some potchers and position players several times. They played with 6 teams!’they didnt have to and could have started with 3 like USPBL.
    Uspbl only had players signed in 2016 to mlb teams when a scout was already interested and they had them join teams to see them play. Thats why Nic Wilson who lead the league in everything 22 hrs 350 avg didnt even get looked at and guys batting .125 signed mlb affiliated contracts. This year may be different but that is how last year worked.
    The desert league paid all the players who were playong every day. They didnt pay room and board but most leagues dont and its considerable costs. The desert league is conducting tryouts currently and gettng plenty of interest. They will have a second season this fall/winter.
    Any new peo league is going to struggle. Why complain? Expect it! Think of it this way; if tou paid to play in cal winter league it is $3500! Thoroighbred owes like $1000 to players. If they dont pay it at least itbwasnt $3500. Dallas really has to pay ebwryone. If he dowsnt he will ensure the league dies and will bring on huge crefit and dinancial peoblems to hom son as his name in on record. Not to mention hueting his son in baseball. I. Et he send money after he collects all sponsors owed money.


    1. Regarding your “think of it this way” statement, Rob, you’re missing an important point. Players “know” what they’re getting into when they sign-up for a pay-to-play league. That’s quite different from what was presented at the Thoroughbred League where “professional contracts” were offered and signed.

      Using your rationale, why don’t you tell us how you’d feel if you worked for a company and come payday, they told you that no paycheck was forthcoming. But the company said that the on-the-job training they provided was worth more than the tuition you would pay to go to a trade school to learn the same things.

      Kind of a stupid way to think, don’t you agree?

      Regarding the players that you claim were cut …
      1) prove it — oh, that’s right, no “transactions” listed on the Thoroughbred website
      2) prove that they were cut for under-performing on the baseball diamond as opposed to complaining about not getting paid or other off-field issues — oh, that’s right, no full stats to show how players performed on the baseball diamond to give credence that any “cuts” were justified.

      You keep staying positive there, Rob. Others will make sure that this sort of crime/scam is stopped by calling-out BS.


      1. Excellent response! Dallas Murphy just responded to players asking when payment would be made that he was “thinking about his life” . No joke! This league needs to be squashed and Mr Murphy should never attempt to manage a single baseball league, let alone a business.


  13. It would be nice if Dallas would comment and let players know what to expect and if he plans to return the fee and pay remaining owed. If he doesnt do either then im sure people will pursue it and hell pay anyway later. Like i said though, im trying to stay positive about it for now and everyone should do the same for a while…


    1. Mr Murphy just responded that he was “thinking about his life” when asked about when the so-called sponsors would pay him. He’s a disgrace and a liar and I hope he never manages another entity again.


  14. It was a player to Dallas text message. It was ridiculous to realize that a commissioner could reply through text in such a manner. All of you are holding your breaths for payment and Mr Murphy is worried about life. He should be because he’s disgraceful!


  15. Whoa!

    No longer any information/registration for Thoroughbred’s Fall “Developmental League” at their website. And they’ve deleted the comments at their Facebook page.

    Publicizing the problems with this league apparently has worked!


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